Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaviya comes back


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Amar comes there. He says what is Manvi doing behind the bars. Malhar says you can take them. Gulshan says the courts are off now. Releast them, we will get bail tomorrow. He says my investigation was wrong. Kaviya is innocent and her mom just got emotional as a mother. Malhar says to Kaviya you’ve to do what you asked. Get me my Pratiksha back. He says Pratiksha hurt my ego. She left me. I will make Pratiksha mine and take revenge for all she did.

Kinjal asks Pratiksha what happened. Pratiksha says Gulshan was threatening Amar. He knows a lot about business. It can ruin his business. Pratiksha says Kaviya will get the bail. Dolly opens the door. It’s Adi. She says you? I thought it was Kaviya.. Kaviya also comes in. She says I am back. Manvi and Gulshan come with her. Kaviya comes in and stands in front of Pratiksha. Kaviya says see I am back. Kaviya says I was missing you the most. Not even Ravi or mom. I wanted so see you fail. Pratiksha says I am not playing. Police took you to give you punishment for your sins. Your dad saved you. Kaivya says I have no regrets. Gulshan says my daughter will live in this house. Because that’s what she wants. She will live in the house with respect she deserves. No one can dare to insult her otherwise you all know what can I do. Ravi says are you threatening us? Pratiksha says your daughter can live here. I have no problem. But not as a DIL. You know the law very well. Mandip says let’s go in Manvi and Kaviya. We don’t need to be scared of anyone. Gulshan says I am not scared of anyone. Kaviya is here. Make sure you all heard what I said. He leaves.

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Pratiksha gives Kaviya water. Kaviya says you drink it. You need it more. Pratiksha says it won’t wash away your sins. Kaviya says you sent me away from this house and see I am back. Ravi will take me to his room himself. Go and pack your bags. You’ve no one in this house. Pratiksha says time will tell.

Scene 2
Pratiksha comes to her room. Ravi asks where were you? She says I was talking to Kaviya. Ravi says she will live here. Pratiksha says I know she will stay here. but I will make sure she leaves this house one day. Manvi asks Kaviya what will you do now? Kaviya says she is showing this power because of Ravi. Once Ravi hates her, he will kick her out himself. She says today Pratiksha will fall asleep so nothing will happen. Pratiksha falls asleep. ravi asks are you mad at me? He says no. Kaviya says I am she must be asleep now. She added something in her water. Ravi looks at Pratiksha. he gives her blanket. Kaviya says tomorrow ravi will hate Pratiksha. He will kick her out himself.

Scene 3
Pratiksha wakes up the next morning. Her head hurts. Pratiksha looks at the time.
Mandip and everyoen check sarees for janmashtammi. Dolly also checks some. Kaviya says queen is here as well. Mandip says it’s my house. We don’t care if she’s up or not.

Episode ends