Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Gulshan threatens Amar


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pratiksha asks Ravi why were you silent? Manvi said so much. She said Kaviya didn’t do anything. She just loves this family. She kept saying all that and we remained silent. I know this family loves her, they thought she made a mistake as a child. But why were you silent? It made it look like Manvi was right. Even if she’s childish she needs to stop. She was risking lives. I know Mandip loves her but Kaviya has to be told she’s wrong. We’ve to tell her actions would have reactions. Ravi asks her to calm down.

Malhar locks up Manvi as well. Kaviya says wow. Tell your Pratiksha now how you’ve locked us. She will give you appreciation that you look for. He says shut up. Don’t even take her name. Kaviya says did it burn you? She couldn’t be yours and married Ravi. She loves Ravi now. She rejected you. I know it boils your blood. You’re not a man anymore. She kicked you out. Sorry to say but you were a wrong number. Now odn’t act liek you love her. He says shut up. You can’t provoke me. It won’t work on me. Kaviya says Ravi is smarter and richer than you. You are a loser in front of him. he says stay in your limits.

Ravi says Kaviya wasn’t there. There was no point of objecting to her. Ravi says she is childish. There is no point of correcting. Pratiksha says her mom has helped her do all this. Ravi says Kaviya has been childish. Ravi says I am not taking her side but she’s childish. She says you can get her out of jail then. She leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Kaviya says Pratiksha left you for you. IF you want her back in your life I can help you. Malhar recalls he said to his friend I worked for this transfer so I can be a nightmare for Ravi and his family. I will never forgive Pratiksha. She has to be mine. kaviya says Pratiksha said to me the day I go to jail, she will have real freedom. She will sleep with Ravi that day. They will have their wedding night tonight.

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Pratiksha says to arti bring spices, some people have soft corner for people who add spices in food to burn their stomach. ravi says also get walnut so people have brains that work. Pratiksha says you’ve a soft corner for Kaviya. She leaves in anger. Raavi says it’s not like that. Bell rings, Pratiksha opens the door. It’s Gulshan. He comes inside in anger. Ravi takes him to drawing room. Biji says he looks very angry.

Gulshan says to Ravi I thogh this house will be a home to my daughter. I don’t even want to see your face. My wife lives here, we always considered you family. No one is our family here. it’s all over. Ravi says please listen. He says don’t talk to me. Amar comes. He says I am only my daughter’s father now, not your friend. If anything happens ot her I will destroy your whole family. If she remains in jail you all will go to jail as well. You know I am your lawyer as well. I now your work secrets as well. Don’t make me do all that. Amar says I understand, but Kaviya was wrong. She’s like a daughter to me but I am angry at her.

Scene 3
Kaviya says to malhar can’t believe? Manvi says you have powers. You can stop it by letting Kaviya go home. You know once they sleep together it becomes impossible to part them. only Kaviya can stop them. Kaivya says she will become Ravi’s forever then. What would you do with her then?

Amar says to Gulshan none of us want Kaviya in jail. Amar says I will get her out. But if anything happens to her, I wont’ leave anyone. Pratiksha hears it. Gulshan says I will make you and your family come on roads. This is my last warning. Amar says Biji was right. Pratiksha prays she gets her family out of this mess.

Episode ends