Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaviya gets arrested


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Inspector comes in. It’s Malal, everyone is shocked to see him. He says I am the new inspector of this area. I am here to arrest Kaivya. You’re under arrest. Kaviya says you.. He shows the video of Kaviya mixing something in the food. Everyone is shocked. He says this is your secret, you got exposed. Pratiksha says show the other video as well from the pooja night. He shows Kaviya mixing poison in the food. Mandip is shocked. Kaviya says fine, I agree I did everything. But I had no other option. This girl has ruined my life. Kinjal says she has no shame. Kaviya says no one died. Malal says you did the crime anyway. Kaviya says I need to talk to Pratiksha. Ravi says she won’t talk to you. Pratiksha says let her talk to me. I proved my innocence. I can fight my battle. You’ve made me stronger. You taught me how to fight for my rights. Thank you for all you do for me. Trust me, I can fight and win. Kaivya and Pratiksha go inside.

Kaviya says to Pratiksha do you feel good now? Pratiksha says I feel proud. You deserve this. You have been doing all this for long. But what you did today, you showed who you are. You’re so selfish. You’re paying price of your sin. Everyone knows your truth. Kaviya says wait.. You think I would listen to you? You’re highly mistaken. I am here to warn you. In 24 hours, this room will be mine. Ravi will bring me here. Pratiksha says keep dreaming. You’ve no shame. Constable comes and asks Kaivya to come with them. Kaivya says you have 24 hours. She goes with them. Manvi says to malal Kaviya loves Ravi a lot. She lost her mind in love. Kinjal says don’t say all that. She tried to kill people. Malal says in heart I am here for my own mission. I will ruin their lives. Ravi took my Pratiksha for them. Amar says your daughter is a princess for you. Manvi says she’s my pride. If you understand my relationship with her, please ask police to not take her. Dolly says Malal forgive her please. He says I can’t break the law. I saw the proofs. Dolly says we can take the complaint back. He says you can’t take it back. Pratiksha did the complaint. She won’t take it back.

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Malal says Kinjal how can you let your sister live with these disgusting people. Pratiksha syas don’t say anything about my family. Kaviya says this is my family, my in laws and my husband. Pratiksha says my husband. Ravi will be mine only. Ravi and I will have our wedding night tonight. Kaviya shoves her. She says how dare you. Ravi says stop it Kaviya. He asks Pratiksha are you okay? Kaviya says Malal stop them. She’s with my husband. Kaviya screams. She says leave my husband. She shoves Pratiksha. Ravi shouts stop it Kaviya. You’re crazy. Kaivya says you shut up Ravi. I did nothing wrong. I will not leave this girl. Ravi says you added poison to food and gave it to even your own mom. Kaviya says Pratiksha is responsible for all this. I will kill her. Ravi is mine. She says I will come back, I have no regrets. Pratiksha is doing all this. I will kick Pratiksha out in 24 hours. Manvi says kaviya dont’ worry. Let me call Gulshan. We will get you out. They take Kaviya. Ravi asks Pratiksha are you okau? She nods.

Manvi calls Gulshan. She asks where are you? Manvi says police has arrested Kaviya. He’s shocked. Kaviya says stop it Malal. Let me go out.He says my plan just began.

Episode ends