Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratiksha to expose Kaviya


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pratiksha says I will prove Kaviya is doing all this. Kaviya says go ahead. Pratiksha comes to the kitchen. She tells Kinjal Kaviya was winging her mom. We’re not idiots. She did the same in pooja. Everything was perfect. Why would anyone else do it? Pratiksha asks Neha she says can I see what you’re doing? She says back camera can’t show. She says but there’s another camera in front. Pratiksha calls the technician to get the footage. She asks the watchman for footage. He says I will send it. Pratiksha gets the footage. They see it, they’re shocked.

Inspector gets a footage. Pratiksha calls him. She tells him about the case. He says I didn’t investigate the case properly. He says our team is coming to Randhawa house to investigate. Mandip comes in. She says get out of this house Pratiksha. Ravi says stop it mom, what are you doing? Kaviya says to Dolly never stop me. Dolly says when did you stop me? Mavni says you can fight the whole world. Dolly says Mandip left in anger. She will kick Pratiksha out. She wins everytime tho. Mandip says Ravi you’re stopping me? Ravi says why would Pratiksha leave? If anything goes wrong you want to kick her out? Why is she blamed everytime. Mandip says you don’t speak in between. He says it was just food. Mandip says she does this intentionally. He’s gone against his mom because of me. She’s done magic on you. Ravi says stop it. Pratiksha says let her do what she wants. she’s not wrong. It’s okay we will handle. Mummy ji doesn’t know the truth. I will show it on real time. Mandip says I know everything. I hate you. You’ve ruined this house. My son is distant from me because of you You act so great. She says she does such things everytime. This girl insults us all the time. I can’t tolerate her. Get out of this house.

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Mandip drags Pratiksha out. She says get out of this house. Amar says what are you doing. Biji says stop it Mandip. Manvi says small town girls know magic. She must have done magic. Biji says it’s just food. It’s spice. Dolly’s mistake once set the whole house of fire. We didn’t do anything. Dolly says this girl has done magic on Biji as well. Adi says I know elders are tlaking but it’s all illogical. Kaivya says stay out of it. Ravi says Biji is right. It’s not a big deal. Pratiksha is my wife. You can’t kick her out on everything. Mandip says she’s crossed all the limits. Kaviya says she broke your marriage. She divided this house. Pratiksha says stop it Kaviya. I stay silent in front of elders. You better know your place. I kknow your reality. I will expose you in front of everyone. Kaviya says I am not scared of you. Pratiksha says I respect mummy ji because she’s a mom. You’re doing everything wrong. You’ve done all things wrong in this house. She says Kaviya mixed something in food on pooja night. Everyone is shocked. She says even today Kaviya mixed spices. Pratiksha says what did you get by doing all this right? Kaviya says she’s lying.

Inspector comes. He asks who is Kaviya here? Everyone is shocked. He says we’re here to arrest you. Kaviya says are you out of your mind? Why would you arrest me?> Inspector comes in. It’s Malal. He says I will arrest you Kaviya. Pratiksha is shocked to see him.

Episode ends