Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaviya plans to keep Ravi away from Pratiksha


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Kaviya says that Pratiksha is taking over our place. Manvi says calm down. She says something is gonna happen. Ravi has accepted her as his wife. You know he’s a guy, he fell for her. Kaviya says they’re together. What if they’ve slept together. I won’t let this happen. Mandip says we won’t be able to part them.

Pratiksha tries to sleep. Pratiksha takes another pillow. Ravi takes the other one. Ravi looks at Pratiksha and says she’s gotten so pretty. It starts raining. Pratiksha gets scared. She hugs Ravi. Kaviya looks in their room. She sees them hugging. Kaviya is shocked. Kaviya says to Mandip and Manvi they’re coming close. We’ve to stop them.Amar wonders where are they going. He says they’re plotting something for sure. Ravi looks at Pratiksha. He hugs her. Kaviya peeks in their room. Ravi caresses Pratiksha’s face. He kisses her forehead. Ravi says do you consider me your husband? Look into my eyes. Kaviya says I’ve to do something. Kaviya screams there’s a thief in the house. She breaks things. Everyone panics. They all come downstairs. Kaviya hugs Ravi and says I am so scared. Pratiksha says are you okay? Ravi says no one is here. Relax. Kinjal sees the door and says it’s all closed from inside. Kaviya says he took my ring. Kaviya hugs him and says I am so scared. Dolly says where did he go? She says he fled from the window. Kaviya says what if he comes back. She hugs him and cries. Manvi says Ravi take Kaviya to the room. She will relax there. Ravi takes her to the room.

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Dolly says a thief came here and no one saw. Only Kaviya saw him, not even security. Amar says I will increase the security. Kinjal says to Pratiksha did you see? Pratiksha says I understand. I will talk to Kaviya openly. I will see her tomorrow morning. Kaviya sleeps in her room. She says Ravi I knew you care for me. You’re so sweet. I know you want me to feel safe. I love you. Pratiksha comes to Kaviya’s room. Kaviya says I don’t want to talk to you. Pratiksha says I don’t care what you think. I came to give you something. Your ring. Kaviya says my ring was found. thank God. Pratiksha says you knew where this ring was. Enough of your drama. No thief came here. You did that to distract Ravi and get his attention. Kaviya says what’s wrong with you. Pratiksha says I am sure. Kaviya says did you see broken things? Pratiksha says you broke the things. All windows and doors were closed. Kaviya says you don’t need to investigate me. Don’t make stories. Pratiksha says I know how you threw the ring under the carpet. Kaviya says yes I lied. I saw you and Ravi close to each other. You were coming close to my Ravi. Pratiksha says he cares for me, we’re coming close. I care for him too. Kaviya says I will shatter your pride. Pratiksha says I won’t let anyone shatter me. Ravi is with me. Kaviya says you think he loves you? You’re living in dreams. He doesn’t love you. I will make sure he hates you soon. This marriage will die. Pratiksha says open your eyes. I will expose you in front of everyone.

Episode ends