Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi opens his eyes


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 10th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Viper runs after Pratiksha. She hides. Mandip looks at ravi. She says Ravi.. He moves his hand. Mandip says doctor he’s moving his hand. The nurse checks him. she removes his mask. ravi gets conscious. Mandip cries. She says Ravi are you okay? Finally you opened your eyes. You opened your eyes before too. But you didn’t want to meet me first. I was so scared for you. Finally you opened your eyes. If your eyes didn’t open, my eyes would close forever. Ravi says I am fine. Mandip says you are not. Mandi hugs him. She says you don’t care for me. Ravi says but you always care for me. You can never stay mad at me. She says you are my life. ravi says I am okay mom.

Viper and his man sees Pratiksha. they run after her. Pratiksha sees the exit. She faints on the stairs. Viper comes there but nurses pick her before they reach her. Police is also there. Pratiksha gets better. she says I should go see Ravi. Biji and everyone ocme to meet Ravi. Biji hugs him. She says thank God you’re okay. Ravi looks at the door. Dolly says his eyes are waiting for someone else. Manvi says I know who. Kaviya doesn’t know you are conscious. Ravi says I am asking about Pratiksha. Biji says now they will start a battle on this question. Ravi asks Biji where is Pratiksha?

Scene 2
Kaviya asks Viper if he killed Pratiksha. He says not yet. Kavya says you’re so useless. Go and cook in the kitchen. Viperr says shut up. She says you can’t even kill an ordinary girl. You are both useless. Viper puts a gunn on her. Kaviya says I am not scared. Shoot me because yoou can’t do your job. Mandip says you didn’t ask about Kaviya but that Pratiksha. Ravi says she was with me as well. She also fought for her life. I wanna know if she’s okay. Kaviya puts the gun on Viper. He says shoot me. He says come on. Viper says Pratiksha did everything to save Ravi. But your is so weak. I am sure your love is weak too. She slaps him. Dolly says Pratiksha has put all of these people in stress. No one can torture her. Manvi says we will handle it. Viper says you can slap me bbut that’s the truth. You’re a loser. Pratiksha sees Kaviya with Viper.

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Dolly says she had a fight with Mandip. She’s fire. Ravi asks what fire? The nurse asks them all to go out. Ravi says I wanna go home. Mandip says we will ask the doctor. Pratiksha comes to Kaviya. Kaviya says what do you want? Pratiksha says you hired Viper to murder me? Viper’s man says people will queston you couldn’t do anything to Pratiksha and Ravi. Viper hits him. Pratiksha says you hired him right?

Epsiode ends

Precap-Manvi says it’s pooja tomorrow. We can take Ravi’s peace. Ravi says to Pratiksha you came here for revenge and you finally took it. She says you can’t accuse me like this. He hits the wall.