Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya insults Raghoba


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malhar saying Ahilya, I have decided to support Raghoba. She says but Madhav Rao is the real heir of the Peshwa throne, we can’t support Raghoba, its unethical, we can’t do this. Tukoji nods. Kesar says I trusted you and befriended you, but you… Malerao says yes, I m a prince, I have hidden this from you, if I had told you then I would have not got that affection which I got, nothing changes if I m a prince. Kesar says it changes, if one cheats in friendship, then there is no purity. He says I was scared that our difference will end our friendship, I m scared of losing you, I can’t tolerate this, will I pay a big price for my fear, will you get against me, are you still upset with me. Kesar lets him in. Gunu ji looks on and smiles. He says I got an explosive that will blast the entire palace.

Raghoba says you have always supported Malhar and progressed Malwa, why are you opposing him now. She says sorry, you are misunderstanding, I didn’t oppose Malhar, I m thinking of Malwa. He says you mean Malhar isn’t thinking of Malwa, he is your Sasur. She says my thinking is like him, we have to handle politics. Raghoba says we have to leave right and wrong behind and think what is imp in that moment. She says yes, I agree. He says one has to forget ethics. She says I m sorry, its your selfish motives. He asks what did you say, its my selfishness, if it was selfishness, would I come here to tell you that your Malwa is in danger, this is my insult. He asks Malhar is this right.

She says saying the truth or speaking the heart out isn’t an insult, I have to say something to keep my opinion, its our responsibility to support Peshwa for the sake of the throne. Malhar says if we don’t have that throne then… Raghoba nods. Tukoji and Ahilya are shocked. Malhar shows the letter.

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He asks is it just my duty, Peshwa should keep terms with me, Madhav Rao wants to snatch Malwa from me, I don’t love the throne, but I m thinking for Malwa and people, I feel hurt. Ahilya reads the letter. She says no, we get more questions after reading this letter. Malhar asks like what. She says there is no mention of the reason, why you are getting removed or your mistake. Raghoba worries.

Ahilya says we should check the genuineness of this letter, is this a conspiracy. Tukoji nods. Malhar looks at Raghoba. Ahilya thinks I doubt Raghoba, I hope the messenger gets some solid news and brings the truth out. The guard is on the way. Gunu ji stops him. He recalls Sita’s words. Gunu ji says don’t go there, its not right for you. Guard asks what do you mean. Gunu ji says I will show you an easy way. He kills the guard.

Raghoba says this happened in front of me, you all don’t trust me. Ahilya says I don’t have any solid proof to trust you, after Peshwa died, Madhav Rao is the heir, he is your nephew, your own relative, you want to remove him and become Peshwa, you want Malwa’s support, when you aren’t loyal of Pune, then how can you be loyal to Malwa. Malhar is shocked. Raghoba fumes and picks his sword. Ahilya taunts him. She says this is your own fight, you would have fought this at home, you came out of home and started conspiring against your King. She turns to Malhar and says we should remember our principles, Raghoba isn’t loyal to his King, he won’t be loyal to us, he is a traitor. Raghoba gets angry and gets the sword out. Tukoji and Gangoba also take the swords out. Malhar looks on shocked.

Ahilya says you are the King of Malwa, you have the right to decide, sorry, I can’t support you if you support Raghoba. Malhar cries.