Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao attacks Gunu ji in rage

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya explaining her plan to the people. She says 12 trees will be planted in front of every house, 7 trees yield will be given to you and 5 trees yield will be taken by the Rajya, it means you will get the profits and become owner of the 7 trees, you aren’t the slaves of the businessmen and you just have to do the job, tell me, what do you think now. Everyone smiles. Gangoba and Hari are shocked. The man says we made a mistake, you are really our Aai Saheb. The people apologize to her. They chant her name. Malhar says Ahilya and Malerao have come close, it’s a happy day, look at the people, they have got happy again. The people leave from the palace.

Gautama says we wish we always have this happiness in the family. Ahilya nods and smiles. They see Dwarka coming. They all get glad and welcome her. Gautama hugs Dwarka. Malhar says welcome, we all missed you. Dwarka says don’t lie in front of children. Gautama laughs. They see the guests coming. Sita and Gunu ji come. They get angry seeing Gunu ji.

Malhar controls his anger. He recalls his verdict. Everyone recalls Khanderao. Malhar goes to Gunu ji. Sita comes in between. Malhar cries and leaves. Everyone turns to go. Malerao takes a sword and rushes to kill Gunu ji. Gunu ji and Sita get away. Malerao attacks Gunu ji. Ahilya and everyone look on. Gunu ji says stop, you will get hurt. He stops Malerao.

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Malerao kicks him back. Gunu ji goes on defending the attacks. Malerao is about to kill Gunu ji. Ahilya gets in between and stops Malerao. She signs no to him. Everyone looks on worried. Malerao asks her not to come between. He says I will not leave him, he is my dad’s murderer. She says stop it, get away. She makes him away. Malerao doesn’t leave Gunu ji. Yashwant and Tukoji stop Malerao. Sita cries. Malerao says leave me. He kicks Gunu ji and catches him to suffocate. They take Malerao inside the palace. Ahilya picks the fallen sword. Malerao runs and comes back again. Ahilya stops him. Malerao says I will kill him. She says no, try to understand. He says I don’t want to understand anything, my dad died because of this man, I was young that time, but now I m not young, let me take revenge, else the history will call me a coward. She drops the swords and says calm down. He asks are you really calm seeing this man’s face, don’t you lose your temper. She cries.

Ahilya says I will do justice legally. A new King is seen planning to attack on Malwa.