Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Malhar returns home


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking Maina not to worry, now she has come back. She asks Tukoji what’s the matter. He says the news is right. She asks will any problem come on Malwa. He says we can know once Malhar comes back, he will come in 1-2 days. Sita talks to Gunu ji. She asks why are you so worried, don’t worry. Gunu ji says once Malhar comes, our strength will get less, Dwarka should think that we might lose. Sita asks why. He says Dwarka had tricked and involved me in Malerao’s matters, Malhar is coming back and he will know it.

He says we have to face Malhar and Ahilya, don’t worry, I have started to think. He thinks I will become old Gunu ji, its enough of good drama. Malhar and Gangoba return to the palace. Everyone welcomes him back. Ahilya finds him sad. Gautama says Ahilya has started the work to teach a lesson to the britishers, she has made them leave Malwa. Ahilya says yes, is everything fine, did anything happen. Malhar says I m fine. He goes. Ahilya stops Gangoba and says you are the same for me, bless me. He blesses her. She asks him about Malhar. He says everything is fine. She says there is something, its related to the Pune matter, we will let Malhar rest. He says he went somewhere. She asks where did he go.

Malhar sees the throne and gets worried. He cries and hugs the throne. Ahilya comes and looks on. He sees her. He cries and says I have built Malwa by my blood and sweat, this Raj darbar is my temple, Malwa’s heart, no one can make me away from my throne, if this happens, then Malwa’s people will call me selfish. She asks why are you saying this.

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He says even if storm comes, I can face it, I can sense it coming. Peshwa Raghunath comes there. Ahilya asks what are you saying. Malhar gets shocked seeing Peshwa. Ahilya thinks why did he come here, it means Pune’s political stir got him here. Raghunath asks Malhar to hug him. Malhar hugs him and asks how are you. Raghunath says I m okay, I need to talk to Malhar. Ahilya greets him and asks him to go to the guest room. She thinks why did he come here.

Raghunath talks to Malhar in private. Ahilya waits outside.