Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya’s advice to Malerao


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya showing a toy to Malerao. She says I used to tell you Ramayana’s story in childhood. She tells him Ram’s blessing to the squirrel. She asks him to keep patience, its very much necessary in a battle. She asks him to always control his feelings. She says whenever you feel your heart is getting emotional, then remember this squirrel, you will get help. He nods. Gunu ji tells the King about Ahilya’s plan. Saubhag asks shall we trust your messenger. Gunu ji says yes. Saubhag asks who is that messenger. Gunu ji says he is one of the loyal guards of the palace, his news can never be wrong. Ahilya explains the plan to Malerao, Tukoji and Yashwant. She says we will divide the army into three parts, Malerao will attack on Nimbeda, Tukoji and Yashwant will handle the two areas, if Malerao needs to change the plan, then he can reach you through our secret detectives. Gunu ji praises Malerao’s skills. He says Malerao is that ant who can defeat an elephant. Saubhag says its fine, we will use our mind and attack him, he won’t know I have prepared a big trap for him, he got saved from Dhyaan Kaksh, he can’t get saved from death. They go out and see the guards practicing sword fights. The guard comes and says Ahilya’s army will attack us from 3 directions tomorrow. Saubhag says no one should know the plan. Gunu ji says fine, I was telling because those three are very skilled, they are brave warriors.

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Malerao checks the swords. Ahilya comes. He says I got the weapons. She says I want to give you something. She shows the battleground weapons. She says it belongs to Khanderao, its his favorite sword and shield, you accept it, I want to give your dad’s power, will and blessings to you. He gets emotional. He recalls Khanderao. He says you have returned my childhood to me, you see, I will face the enemies with this sword and defeat them.
She hugs him. Pandit does aarti of all the brave warriors. He says now the family’s eldest member can do the puja. Tukoji asks Ahilya about Gautama. Ahilya says she has gone to temple to pray for everyone’s success. Dwarka comes to do the aarti.

She doesn’t do Malerao’s aarti. Ahilya says Malerao is Malwa’s prince, he is Senapati of Malwa’s army, you do your role, we will be thankful to you. Dwarka makes a face and does Malerao’s aarti. Rakma, Maina and Mukta also do their husband’s aarti. Malerao takes Ahilya’s blessing. Ahilya says get victory, fight like the battleground gets proud of you, the defeated enemy also feels honored to fight with you. She wishes them success.

Ahilya fights with Saubhag Singh. A huge battle is seen. Malerao is held captive by the enemy.