Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya convinces Malhar

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Hari talking to Gautama. He says Malerao’s fate shows that his thinking doesn’t match his mum’s thinking. She says everyone knows this, keep some puja or havan for the peace of this palace. He says its tough, because Malerao and Ahilya’s stars don’t match, we can control the affect of the stars but not its speed, is there any function happening in the palace. She says yes, its Khanderao’s Shraddh. He says problems will come. Malhar asks what’s all this, why did you get me here.

She says Khanderao used to work his swords that gave him success and fame, and his musical instrument that gave him a solution, joy and peace. He says when you were a child and I had to explain something, I used to give you examples, you are doing the same today, I have become a child today. He smiles. Gautama says tell me if I should keep some special puja. Hari says you can just support Malerao, your stars also fall powerless in front of Ahilya’s stars. Gangoba says Khanderao was Gautama’s son and Malerao’s father, if your stars meet to fulfil his work, then you can overcome a big problem. Gautama asks Mukta to tell her the matter. Mukta worries. Malhar asks Ahilya what is she trying to say. She says everyone wants Khanderao’s Shraddh to happen well. He says yes, where is the problem. She says problem is there in the village, they have lost everything in the fire, they need support, we should make a donation to them, we should help them.

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Malerao says Hari’s words have turned true, Ahilya has stopped us from using money on Khanderao’s Shraddh. Mukta says no, she wants to donate the money. He says she can get Praja in the palace and put us in the village huts. Mukta says its nothing like that, why would she put a hurdle in her way. Hari says I know the news which you got. He brainwashes Gautama. Ahilya says I don’t want to put any hurdle in the function, but just help the people. Hari says I already gave the solution. Malerao argues. Gautama says I will do what I want to do. Malhar says you have proved it today, you think the best for everyone, but Gautama’s consent is imp for this. Ahilya says I tried to talk to Gautama on this, but I couldn’t have courage to talk about this, I want you to explain this. She sees Malerao coming. Mukta and Maina look on. Malerao leaves.

Hari says I have tried to divide them. Ahilya asks what’s all this, why did you remove the jewellery. Gautama shows the jewellery kept there.