Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gangoba misunderstands Ahilya

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Gautama taking Ahilya with her. Appa saheb says Ahilya told a lot about her son, I m tensed, how can we give Maina’s hand to Malerao. Savitri says Malerao is innocent, everything changes with time, its not good to reach any conclusion so soon. He asks Maina to be careful of the Malerao. Maina says I have held the flower from upwards. Gautama and Ahilya come. Gautama says no need to say anything, your daughter Maina has all the qualities to become Malwa’s future queen, now Mainabai’s feet will step ahead to become our Sonbai. Ahilya says she has the qualities, I have no objection in making her my Sonbai, I was just talking about Malerao. Malerao vents anger. Maina comes to him. He keeps the sword. He asks why did you come here. She says you came in anger. She gives him flowers. He asks why did you get this for me. She says you are angry, if you get hurt then it will pain. She takes the sword from his hand and says these flowers are for you, this will calm your anger. He says I don’t want.

Gautama says Maina is efficient in handling Malerao. Ahilya says you can’t see what I can see, Malerao is still stubborn. Gangoba informs Malhar about their enemy. He says I m scared that Delhi throne will get under trouble. Malhar says my mind is disturbed, I have to handle the political matters and also focus on Malerao’s marriage. Gangoba says you are a king, sorry to say, you have to give priority to stop the enemy first. Malhar says I know, I m the palace’s head also, I can’t neglect the family issues. Gangoba says its invited by own self, I mean there shouldn’t be any issue, after all you have decided it by thinking well, every member of the family should obey you, Ahilya has complicated this matter, your battle plans might get affected by these issues, Ahilya is stubborn. Tukoji asks what are you saying. Gangoba says she is getting more stubborn, I had alerted you before, you leave every decision on her, she thinks she is the best, else she would have not dared to go against you, she would have permitted Malerao to keep his stand, she may go against you in royal matters too. Malhar says Gangoba… They see Ahilya behind. Rakma meets Appa Saheb and Savitri. She says Ahilya has become Malwa’s Aai, she didn’t get time to become Malerao’s Aai. She cries. Savitri asks who has raised Malerao. Rakma says Parvati had raised Malerao and Mukta, and now I m handling them, I know Malerao well, Ahilya has made an opinion about Malerao, he isn’t bad, he just feels his mum’s love, I assure you, he will become a good person and also a good King. She sees Malerao there and smiles. She says just see his qualities, he will keep your Mainabai very happy. Malerao smiles.

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Rakma turns and acts seeing Malerao. He nods to her. Ahilya says I don’t think I m the best, I m not insulting Malhar, I asked Appa saheb to rethink about the marriage, don’t I have any right to decide for my son and bahu. Gangoba says you have a total right to decide, I can’t interfere in it, if its about Malwa’s future king, then I can raise a question, being Malerao’s mum, I agree with you, but Malhar is the king of Malwa, he has taken the decision after thinking well, you have taken a tough decision and you have put Malhar in dilemma, he is upset, this can affect Malwa’s political work, I request you to solve this problem soon. She asks how shall I do this, shall I let it happen if I think its wrong. Gangoba says give a chance to Malerao to prove himself. She sees Tukoji. She says fine, as you find right, I will permit this marriage if Malerao passes the test, else you all have to take my word seriously. Tukoji and Gangoba leave.

Ahilya cries and asks why is everyone thinking I m selfish and rigid, I m Malerao’s mum, I love him, I want Malerao to become an example of humanity like Khanderao, he has love and respect in heart. Malhar says I have no doubt on you, but what Gangoba is saying, I don’t disagree with it also, and about Malerao, I m sure that he will pass in your test. She says I wish this happens, I want Malerao to prove me wrong this time. He says I m seeing mum’s love melting a warrior. He blesses her. He asks her not to worry.

Ahilya comes in the darbar. Malerao stops Ahilya and says I will handle Malwa from today, its my right. He smiles.