Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya decides to meet Nawab

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with the vendors showing the precious diamonds to Malerao. Malerao says amazing, but my wife didn’t like it, you can show anything big. The man shows another diamond. Malerao looks at the diamond. The man says Maharaj, it will suit you, sorry to call you the King. The other man says so what, he is going to become the king in some days. Malerao smiles and says I will buy this diamond also, tell me, I asked you to make a new palace for me, what about that. The man says yes. He calls Shamuddin and says he has built Turkey’s palace, you tell him about your dream palace and he will make it possible. Malerao says amazing, what about my elephant. The man says we got the elephant, its on the way. Malerao smiles. The man says sorry, but its imp to pay the money, if you stamp this letter, then we will get money from the treasures. Malerao says sure, why not. He checks the expenses. He smiles. He stamps the letter. Maina worries.

Tukoji says we can’t get the land for Kashi temple, we have to take the permission from Nawab. She says it means we have to go and meet Nawab. Tukoji asks what do you mean. She says we will go and ask for his permission. He says no, you know his truth, Nawab is dual faced person, his words and actions can’t be trusted, you think he will agree if you go to him. She says I m asking that land for the temple, not for myself, people want to see the temple again, you tell me, what will we tell the people that we tried but Nawab refused, now the temple won’t be built, will we say this.

Gangoba gets some villagers and says they have come with a plea. Malerao tell me fast, I have less time and more work. Gangoba says they aren’t getting enough water for farming. Malerao says its not drought. Gangoba says they want water for animals and personal needs also, the lake has dried in the village. Malerao says I won’t go to their house, not all the problems get a solution, they have to go to the river to fill water.

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Gangoba says you have to understand the problem well and then solve it, its about arranging water for all their needs, rivers have water, but how will it reach the villages, we have to construct new pipes and repair the old ones, we can also make wells, ladies won’t need to go far, this problem was in Panipat also. Malerao says you have made a big story, you know the truth, it’s a big thing, can it get solved by spending some money and spending few days of time, no, how will the money come to spend on this thing, Malhar came from battle, much money is spent there, I feel we should think about this later, go. Gangoba says villagers came from far, Malerao. Malerao shouts Gangoba…. Understand the rules and learn the limits, okay, you think age is a right. He insults Gangoba.

He says call me by my position, not by name, my decision won’t change. Maina worries. He asks Gangoba to go. Ahilya says I have to talk to Nawab once, maybe the result will be good. Tukoji says fine, I will come along and our guards will also come. She says no, I will go alone, I m walking on the path of devotion, weapons and soldiers aren’t needed, I trust Shiv ji, this is a topic of respect and religion, one religion should respect the one, I will express my wish and I feel Nawab will agree. He worries. He says we will be after Ahilya, I should get info if there is any danger, Nawab is dangerous, we can’t neglect the fact. Guard agrees. Malerao asks what happened, I will think about this later, next year, go now. Yashwant comes and says this isn’t a solution. Malerao says you provoked them and got them here. Yashwant says no, I just advises them to come here and get a solution, this problem is everywhere, Ahilya also told the same. Malerao asks who is taking the decision now, Ahilya or I, I will think about this later, I will be glad if you have lunch with me, I will wait for you. He leaves. Gangoba holds Yashwant and leaves.

Ahilya requests Nawab to donate the land. He refuses. She says I m sure that you will permit us and the temple will be made on that land.