Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malerao coming to the temple. He thinks Kesar left and cries. Kesar comes and says you have come… He says I was scared that you left me. She says its possible when I die, I promised to be with you. He stops her. He asks about the letter. She reads it and says I didn’t send this, I told the guard that I will wait. He says it means someone knows about our love story, we will not look back. They hold hands. He takes the sindoor to fill her maang. Ahilya and Maina come there. Ahilya asks Malerao to stop.

Malerao says I m marrying you Kesar, its not a sin, you won’t go anywhere. He hides Kesar behind him. Ahilya asks Kesar to go home. Kesar goes. Malerao stops Kesar and hugs her. Maina runs to them. Ahilya stops Maina. She asks what’s happening. He says it’s the truth, I love Kesar, I didn’t want to hide it, but I didn’t know how will you react. She says you came here to get married, you are doing wrong with Maina, what are you doing. He says no, I love Kesar. Maina cries. Ahilya scolds him and says you will come with me to the palace. She scolds Kesar. She says you knew Malerao is already married. Kesar cries. Ahilya says I want my answer, you knew it, even then you got ready to become a part of this sin, I gave you respect, what did you do, go home Kesar. Kesar says let me go, Malerao. Malerao leaves her. She goes. Ahilya asks Malerao to stop himself from walking on the wrong path. Kesar goes home and cries. Dwarka and Gunu ji come there.

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Ahilya and Maina come home. Gautama and Harku look on. Malerao comes next. Maina cries. Gautama and Harku come there with Malhar. Malhar asks is everything fine. Malerao comes. Ahilya gets angry. Dwarka says Kesar, you are upset, right, we can understand your sorrow. Kesar looks on.

Dwarka and Gunu ji pacify Kesar. She says we won’t let Malerao take an advantage of you, more people will know this matter. Gunu ji says everyone should know it, Malerao promised marriage and left Kesar alone in the mandap. Kesar cries. Ahilya says Malerao has done a big thing today, I will do his aarti. Gautama asks the matter. Ahilya says he went to marry, without informing anyone. They get shocked.

Kesar says you are right, but Malerao didn’t cheat me, he loves me, its not a sin, but the sin is that I love a married man. Malerao says yes, I love Kesar, I was marrying her, I didn’t use her, if you don’t trust me, then go and ask that girl, is it a sin to love someone.

Ahilya says but your way was wrong, you can’t cheat your wife, you didn’t take your wife’s consent. She asks Malerao to see Maina’s tears. She says you should have taken her permission. Malerao says if I take permission, will you let me marry Kesar.

The villagers ask Ahilya to do justice with Kesar.