Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao and Ahilya’s Janta Darbar

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malerao thinking my mum is great, she thinks of humans and also birds and animals, I didn’t understand her before. He smiles seeing Ahilya with the pigeons. She asks what happened. He says I have realized your avatar so late, I m happy I got to know. She says I know you are immature and stubborn but….. He says but I m fine, you didn’t get well soon, you should have not come here. She says I will stay here for sometime, do you know, from where does a person gets energy, from nature, when I didn’t get any solution for a problem, your dad used to get me here, I always got a solution here, do you have any knowledge about Malwa, did you go to meet Dushyant, Sarja sacrificed her life to save me. He says no, you got unwell and… She says its your duty to look after them. He says don’t worry, the doors of darbar are always open. She says no, our people loves us a lot, you have to go to them, they won’t get their problems to us, you have to know their problems. He says okay, what are you thinking. She says Janta darbar, you will supervise this, go and find out how are our people doing. He says sure.

They go talking. She says Maina thinks a lot about you, take care of her. Malerao goes to his room. Maina helps him get ready. He smiles. He holds her. They share a moment. He holds her hand and stops her. She says anyone might see. He says I want to thank you. She asks for what. He says for understanding me, Ahilya was right and I was wrong. Yamuna comes to Dwarka. They have a talk. Malerao says thanks for praying for my welfare. Maina says it was my Dharm. He holds her close. She gets shy and asks what are you doing. He says I am doing my duty and Dharm. Maina hugs him.

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She asks him to go, he is getting late for Darbar. She says I have to go and give medicine to Ahilya. She helps him wear the prince’s pagdi. He leaves. She smiles. Malerao checks the documents and stamps it. The man says Malhar has hired these people, your stamp is also needed, its imp to get these commands into action. Malerao says okay. He stamps the papers. He reads something and asks did Malhar stamp it. The man says yes, he asked you to stamp. Malerao thinks how is this possible, how can Malhar do this. He takes the paper to Ahilya and asks how can Malhar do this. She says I don’t understand, why would he do this. He says I will take this to Malhar. She says no, he has gone to Peshwa for the final rites. He says I know what to do of this. He goes. She asks him to stop. He comes to Dwarka, Sita and Gunu ji. He shows the letter. Dwarka smiles. She says it’s a good news, its written that Malhar has hired Gunu ji in the darbar again. Gunu ji asks really, can I check it. She says yes. He smiles. She says you will help Malerao in darbar work. Sita smiles.

Britishers try to conquer Malwa. Ahilya faces them and puts Malwa’s flag.