Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 9th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Vedika is allowed to stay in the Maheshwari Mansion

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Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 9th July 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rageshwari is thinking about how Vedika confronted her at the office, and kept saying she cannot control the entire world with her power and she suspects her in the death of Dayal. Rageshwari calm herself asking if she is just going to stand here or say something, the lady says that her eyes were closed so hoe did she guess, Rageshwari replies that only she can come to her room like this, the women says Saraswathi was talking about finding the truth about the death of Gautham and she feels nice when Vedika and Koyal are by her side, Lali also comes when Rageshwari says that the girl would not even know what has happened to her, Lali says that there is the idiom that every dog has his day and so Lali runs away, Rageshwari is thinking.

Vedika brings the tiffin for her father asking when will they return, he replies it would take them eight to ten days as the delivery date is near. Padma asks Vedika where is she going after getting ready, Vedika replies she just wants to look nice for the office, she then says their cab has arrived and so comes to drop them, Padma asks her to take care of herself but she says even they both must take care of themselves. Vedika returns to the room thinking about how her mother asked where is she going after getting so dressed and then she replied she is just going to the office, Vedika sees herself in the mirror saying now she can even lie to her own mother. Vedika prays to GhatuSham jee that she is going to start something new and he should give her the blessing to win in it.

Rageshwari thinks they should arrange the pooja after talking to Guru jee as it would end all of their enemies, Guru jee entering says that nothing can be better then it, Rageshwari informs that she was just trying to call him, Guru je replies he did not come for her when Saraswathi says that she is the one who called him, Rageshwari wonders how did she get this courage, Lali whispers from the same girl whom Degvijay was trying to kill last night, she explains Vedika instigated Saraswathi a lot last night, Rageshwari ask what did she say so lali starts explaining that Vedika told her how she feels Saraswathi would be an ambitions women but why is she like this now and what would her daughters say to her when they meet, Vedika advised Saraswathi to be like this and be the same ambitious women, Rageshwari asks Lali why did she not call her, lali replies how could she leave such an emotional moment.

Rageshwari turning asks what is going on in her house, Saraswathi says that she felt like arranging the pooja of GhatuSham jee and so called Guru jee here because Maa never stops them from holding the pooja, Rageshwari says that she can never stop her from arranging it, she hugs Saraswathi thinking she would not let her arrange it, Rageshwari informs she was furious yesterday as Vedika took her signatures which she did not like as she never wanted to bring the past in front of her. Rageshwari asks how would it happen when they need months to prepare for it but she wants to arrange it in just three days, Sagar says Saraswathi Chachi is not alone, Rageshwari then asks if he even knows anything about GhatuSham jee, Vedika coming to the door says she knows it, Sagar starts thinking how one kiss changed her so much, Vedika says he saw the fight for eighteen days and Krishna Bhagwan gave him the right to be praised with his name so he is the supporter for them, Vedika gets nervous seeing Sagar so turning to Saraswathi asks how is she doing, Saraswathi informs Maa she is the one who called Vedika who is also a big Bhagt of GhatuSham, Rageshwari thinks that Vedika is the perfect copy. Vedika asks when did Saraswathi arrange it last night, Suphedra says twenty years ago when the new chairman of the company was announced as it is believed that at the end of the pooja the prayers are accepted, Saraswathi says she is praying to find out about the killer of Gautham Vedika furiously looking at Rageshwari thinks she will surely make her get to know the truth, Saraswathi says after what happened twenty years ago and with the verdict of Dayal jee she is sure Gautham was killed. Lali recalls how Degvijay claimed to kill someone twenty years ago then Rageshwari signals Lali to leave. Vedika goes to hug Saraswathi assuring she is going to get the answers to her questions very soon, Suphedra leaves to bring tea for Guru jee while Vedika taunts Rageshwari signaling she is going to have an eye on her, Rageshwari is furious.

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Vedika is walking while using the phone when she is suddenly pulled into the corner, Rageshwari says Vedika is first instigating Saraswathi then got the bail of Dayal and even took Saraswathi to meet him so what is she doing, Vedika takes out the ear phones seeing which Rageshwari is furious so Vedika requests her to say it again, Rageshwari warns she would be worse for Vedika if she comes to this house or near her Grandson. Vedika then calls Saraswathi and Sagar saying that Rageshwari ma has some problem and explains how Rageshwari mam was saying she will make the pudding with her own hands, Saraswathi is excited explaining that her desires would be fulfilled, Rageshwari says she is saying that it is not suitable to arrange it in three days, Vedika replies she is also here and would not leave until the pooja, Rageshwari questions if she does not have any work when Sagar agrees to her staying here, Rageshwari is still confused when Vedika informs that her parents have left the city for sometime so she has a lot of free time Rageshwari notices how Sagar is still staring at Vedika then he says he will go help Chachi, Sagar then brings the phone for Vedika and starts staring at her again, he leaves when Rageshwari instructs him to hand the phone. Vedika says Rageshwari desired she does not even walk near her house but she has come to live here and the secret which Rageshwari is trying to hide is even more near to her now, Rageshwari is furious.

Precap: Vedika hears the conversation of Rageshwari with Degvijay about the red file, Rageshwari says she has to do something about the girl, Vedika thinks she is very near to the proof against Rageshwari, she suddenly sees someone coming to her room so gets scared asking who is there.