Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 17th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Komal’s wife says to Rajeshwari that Sagar cancelled his London ticket. He decided to stay in India. Digvijay is very happy. She says that he isn’t here. He went to do a Puja in the firm. He opened a new law firm. Rajeshwari says to Digvijay that Sagar decided to stay in India. Its a good decision. But we have to find who changed his mind. Vedika and Koyel reached to the law firm. Saraswati feels their presence. Vedika says to Koyel today is very important day in her life. She needs her presence. Saraswati hugged them happily. Sagar is also surprised to see them. Saraswati informs him that these two girls saved her in the temple. They prevented her from fall down. Sagar says that they are troublemaker. He mentioned to her about them.

Saraswati says that they are good girls. He may misunderstood them. Vedika says that she saw their good side but he didn’t yet. Saraswati asks them to join with them. She asks her what’s she doing here? Sagar introduced her as his Chachi. He introduced Subhadra to her. Koyel asks Vedika if he going to work with him. She says that she has to. She tells him that she will join in his firm. He says that it’s a good decision. Koyel and Sagar gets into an argument. He makes fun of her and says that he won’t even give security job to koyel. Vedika asks him to stop arguing. She asks him to discuss about her salary. She mentioned an amount and says that she need this amount. She don’t need extra or less then this amount. She shows the accounts to him.

Saraswati says to her that she worried another everyone but not herself. She says to Saraswati that it’s very important to her. He agrees to her condition. Subhadra asks them to join in the puja. Saraswati calls Rajeshwari but she disconnected the call in anger. She thinks that she is showing her attitude her. Its good she didn’t find her daughters yet. Rajeshwari comes there, she notices Koyel and Vedika sits with Saraswati. Rajeshwari gets anxious. She convinces herself that they are unknown girls. Rajeshwari meets Sagar. She appreciates him for staying in India. Digvijay says that he thought he will take over the company. Sagar says that he is an lawyer. He opened his own law firm. He won’t fit for his company. Rajeshwari praised the company name. Digvijay noticed Vedika there. He asks her what’s she doing here? If she playing a new game with his son. Sagar introduced her as his employee. He can’t treat her like this. He gives the appointment letter to Vedika. Rajeshwari pretends like congratulating her. Digvijay disliked it. She is acting like Saraswati. She shares it with Subhadra. Rajeshwari hears it and thought to keep a close watch on her.

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Meanwhile, Vedika informs her parents that she joined in a new law firm. The police comes there to arrest Sharma. He says that he didn’t return Vinoth money. He needs his amount. Vedika argued with them. The police says that she just joined today in new law firm that’s why she started arguing with him. He can arrest a criminal without an warrant. Vedika asks him, how did he know about it. She finds out that Digvijay is behind it. She tried to convince Vinoth. The police pushed her. Sagar holds her at the right time.

Episode ends.