Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vedika refuses to accept the proposal of Kamal

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Sagar entering the room tells Saraswathi she is very furious as the girls are very irritating especially the one who keeps telling him about the sections while the other one is a thief, Saraswathi replies not all girls are the same as the girls in the Mandir were very nice and took care of her, Sagar says the one Saraswathi is talking about seem very sensible and Sagar asks her to calm down, Saraswathi says they irritate him so much when Sagar replies one of them is needed by him, Sagar says one of them has her own mind while the other one is very irritating, Suphedra standing at the door thinks that Saraswathi and Kamal are treated like servants in the same house. Sagar asks both Saraswathi and Suphedra to get ready as he has a surprise.

Vedika is talking with Dayal saying she is mistaken as she just saw him entering the Maheshwari Mansion and then Dayal refuses to tell her anything, Vedika asks him why did there was not any trial, Dayal thinks he cannot trust anyone as Vedika is the one who got him arrested, Dayal asks Vedika to first get the bail, Rageshwari asks Degvijay what is the lawyer girl doing with Dayal explaining that both of their enemies have joined the hands, Rageshwari says he is not the one who is running the company as she has to do everything, Degvijay asks if he should get Dayal killed, Rageshwari gets furious at him asking when is he going to learn how to use his mind, Degvijay says that she asked him to get Dayal killed when he escaped from the van but is stopping him today. Rageshwari says she has asked Kamal to do this work for her.

Kamal is sitting with Kishori Lal and his wife saying he has brought the token amount in cash while the remaining is in the cheque, Kamal starts asking about Vedika and questions if she was born in this city saying that this education school was not here, Kishori Lal says they closed it for a few years, Kamal then starts questioning about Vedika which irritates Kishori who says he has sold the land of his ancestors, he signs the papers. Vedika entering the house asks what has he done now as it is not right, Kamal says her father has made the right decision to sell the land and has even signed the papers, Kamal tries to threaten Vedika saying her father knows that no one can get such a big amount, Vedika forces Kamal to leave when Vedika says that when they both brought her to this house she was very distressed and kept crying due to fear that she might even lose them both, Kishori says that things are not like as they were before and this land cannot give them anything, because the Maheshwari family is very strong, Vedika asks her mother why is she crying explaining they donot have to be worried about the Maheshwari family, Vedika assures everything would get better once she gets a job, Kishori lal asks who would give her a job, Vedika replies there is someone who has offered her a job.

Sagar is taking both Suphedra and Saraswathi after covering their eyes, they both request him to open the blindfold, he agrees on the condition that they donot open their eyes. Suphedra and Saraswathi agree saying he has not lost his childish behavior, Sagar asks them to open their eyes after which eh shows the office, Saraswathi asks where did he bring them as they both thought he has a farewell gift, Sagar asks who is going away when he has canceled the flights, Saraswathi questions why did he not tell them before, Sagar replies he likes being dramatic, Saraswathi asks where has he brought them, Sagar shows the name of the firm, revealing it is Suphedra, Saraswathi and Sagar law firm, Suphedra asks when did he open his law firm, Sagar replies he studied both here and abroad so wants to work here. Suphedra says Sagar should now even tell his father and Grandmother, she suggests he should start working in the family business as this is what his father and Grandmother desire, Sagar replies he just wants to work as a lawyer, Suphedra says both of them would get angry, Saraswathi convinces Suphedra that today is a very big day for Sagar when he praises Saraswathi, saying now the Pandit jee is also going to come. Suphedra says this means he has not even invited them on the Hawan, Sagar says he just invited the people on whose name he has started the company, he says they all know that Dadi and his father would sit to perform the Hawan, Saraswathi replies that they both are the elders, Sagar asks is she small in front of them. Sagar hugs both Saraswathi and Suphedra.

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Vedika is riding the scooty thinking about when she refused to sell the house and school to Kamal and even thinks about Koyal who considers her as her sister so prays that she should just meet Koyal today.

Koyal is pretending to be from a telecom company and wants to set a tower for the company, she dials the number of her mother Mauri and then asks how much would they give as compensation, Vedika calls Koyal by her real name which alerts the other people who then start running after her, Mauri is worried but then the people also get suspicious of her so she runs. Vedika says that she is glad to have met Koyal right now and asks why were the people running after her, Koyal tells a story of when she slapped a hawker for charging extra money.

Rageshwari is scolding Kamal asking why did he not leave from the house after Kishori lal had signed the papers then why did he not leave, he replies he was about to leave but before that could happen Vedika came back. Raghswari says she had asked him to tell her about Vedika, Kamal informs she was born in Jamshadpur, Rageshwari is glad as now it would be easy to find out about her, Degvijay comes demanding the papers from Kamal, Lali immediately starts serving them laddo, Rageshwari orders her to first chew and then swallow it before she can speak, Lali says Sagar is not going to London and has canceled his flights, Degvijay gets excited so starts calling Sagar, Lali informs he has opened a new law firm so went there with just Suphedra and Saraswathi for the Hawan, Rageshwari is worried.

Precap: Saraswathi is excited after seeing Vedika and koyal so runs to hug them both, Rageshwari enters the office when she is stunned seeing Saraswathi sitting in the Hawan with Vedika and Koyal.