Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 13th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sagar offers a job to Vedika

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Vedika says what does he know about her relation, Kamal says she should consider this as a challenge before walking away, Vedika gets a call from Koyal who asks what is the progress, Vedika says they did not let her meet as someone came with the orders of sir, she is very disappointed, Koyal says she has a idea to sort her mood when Vedika asks how can she come but Koyal replies she will send a location, Koyal is sitting having tea explaining this one thing can fresh her mind even if she is suffering from any sort of problem, Koyal asks Vedika what is the name of the tailor, she starts suggestion Arjun Thakur, Vedika asks how does Koyal know it all when she replies she went to jail a lot of time, Vedika is stunned so Koyal says she met a lot of people because of her events, Koyal explains they can bring him on track when Vedika replies she will not bribe anyone so Koyal tells Vedika a plan asking her how does she like it, Vedika says she liked it so Koyal replies then the result would be in her favour. Vedika and Koyal are riding the scooty when they get in an accident so he gets out of the car, Vedika is stunned seeing Sagar but is furious looking at Koyal, Vedika replies why does anyone drive so fast in such a narrow lane, Vedika questions why is Sagar staring at her, he replies she is a thief when Vedika threatens to file the case of stalking against him, Sagar replies he thought of Vedika as the thief and Koyal stole his wallet which had a lot of currency, Vedika replies that it cannot be the case when Koyal says it was not that lot, Sagar asks Vedika for how long has she known her, Vedika replies they met at the same time in the Mandir, Sagar says she met just four days ago but is defending her as she is very dear, Vedika replies that she is like her sister, Sagar thinks of Yamini and Jhanvi, then Koyal picks a rock but Vedika stops her saying she already has to pay eight thousand rupees. Sagar says he is not stalking her but has a job, Koyal asks if he is talking of her then Sagar replies e will just give her the job of a security officer, Sagar says he wants to hire Vedika in his firm, Vedika replies that this might be a new plan of Sagar and his father but he asks her to stop saying it is enough, he goes to the door of his car when Vedika says his father threw her out of the house but he came to cause the accident, she compares him to is father which angers Sagar who pushes her against the car saying she must never compare him to his father, Sagar says he offered her a job and she can refuse it while even apply any of the legal cases but never compare him to his father, she agrees so he pushes her away when Koyal helps her, Sagar gives the visiting card and Vedika takes it, Koyal asks her to come as they need to follow the plan.

Sagar while driving the car is thinking of when Vedika compared him to his father, he recalls when he was sitting with his mother refusing to go to the boarding school and then went into the room where he saw his father with the women, he then ran back to his mother who asked what did his father say then Sagar agreed to go to the boarding school. Suphedra says Sagar is very intelligent and would grow up to be like his father but at that time he said he does not want to be like him, he says he is not like his father, Sagar says he is not at all like Degvijay Maheshwari.

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Degvijay enters asking is his mother called him, Rageshwari says she asked him to find out about the girl and how long will it take, Rageshwari says if they sit like this then the girl will bring Dayal out of jail and it would be the end of them both, Degvijay says Kamal has been talking with the jailer so there is nothing to be worried about, Rageshwari says that the way Sagar went after the girl then she might get his help, Degvijay tries to convince her but Rageshwari says that if Vedika finds out the truth getting in the depths of this case then what would happen as she saw the hatered for the Maheshwari family in eyes of that girl, Rageshwari tells him to take care of the situation.

Vedika asks Koyal if she knows what they are doing, Koyal replies she knows of it al, she tells the officer the requirements of her boss and so starts putting the cash on the table saying he has some requirements and then asks if she will get some tea, Vedika warns her but the jailer gets furious saying that how did she dare try to bribe him, Koyal starts putting the money back in the bag but accidentally drops one of the pack, Koyal wonders what happened to the Thakur jee as he was very nice, Vedika thinks she has to go and see the situation, Koyal signals Vedika to not come as if the jailer sees Vedika with her then it would ruin their plan, Koyal while pretending to be on the call signals Vedika who runs out, she exclaims he is a very honest officer. Koyal says she does not feel he would agree to it and then puts the phone in the bag, the officer hands the file to Koyal who says he is a very honest officer and turns to leave but then the officer says it would take ten more, Koyal hands him the money which he starts counting, Vedika is filming everything and then texts Koyal who gets up to go into the corner. The officer then asks what is the name of the boss, Koyal shows the video of him taking the money, the officer threatens that he will not let her go and what does she desire when Koyal says now he has talked of something interesting.

Vedika is stunned seeing it when Koyal says she got the permission to meet Dayal jee in the jail, Vedika hugs Koyal thanking her who then sits down telling Koyal she feels she also has some connection and which is why Sudha kaki came to her so she then came to Vedika, they both are excited when Vedika says she wants to celebrate it, she gives Koyal the bracelet from her wrist saying it is for her protector then Koyal even gives a bracelet to Vedika, Koyal and Vedika both take a selfie when Koyal says she wants to tag her, Mauri is looking at them both from the corner, Mauri thinks Koyal has lost her mind when she raised her since childhood but Koyal is forgetting her and what is her golden hen runs away, she is worried.

Saraswathi while talking to the photo of Jhanvi and Yamini wonders where have they gone to.

Precap: Saraswathi is stunned seeing the name of the law firm, Sagar says it means, Saraswathi, Suphedra and Sagar, Rageshwari comes to the law firm when she is shocked seeing Saraswathi performing the pooja with Koyal and Vedika.