Pooja Bhatt reflects on her Industry Journey: From Stardom at 19 to Being ‘Written Off’ at 24


Pooja Bhatt reflects on her Industry Journey: From Stardom at 19 to Being ‘Written Off’ at 24

Pooja Bhatt, a notable figure in the film industry, recently opened up about the challenging phase in her career when she felt the industry had written her off at the age of 24. Pooja’s journey began with her acting debut at 17 in her father Mahesh Bhatt’s film “Daddy” (1989). By the age of 19, she had achieved stardom with back-to-back hits in “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin” and “Sadak.” However, by 24, the industry seemed to have turned its back on her.

In a candid conversation with a YouTuber, Pooja Bhatt shared her perspective on this transformative period in her life, stating, “I was 17 when I did my first film ‘Daddy.’ After ‘Daddy,’ ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin,’ ‘Sadak’ was like a hat-trick. At 19, I was a superstar, but by 24, the industry said, ‘Yeh toh khatam ho chuki hai’ (she is finished). So I said, this is the only industry in the world where, at 24, when most people are just starting out, you have reached the height of stardom, and they have already brought you down to the pits, saying you are finished.”

Undeterred by the industry’s assessment, Pooja made a significant decision to shift her focus. She decided to step away from acting and transitioned to a filmmaker’s role. Recounting her journey, she stated, “At the age of 25, I started my production house and made ‘Tamanna.’ I won my first National Award, gained a sense of self-gratification, and reclaimed my self-esteem by making a film like that. I traveled across the country, met people, and the film raised money for charity. Then I made ‘Dushman’ with Kajol, followed by ‘Zakhm,’ and the rest is history.”

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Pooja Bhatt shared how her filmmaking journey brought her fulfillment and recognition. She described her shift as a transformative phase in her life, emphasizing her accomplishments in the industry. “Soon after, I was producing and directing films. For 21 years, I didn’t face the camera; I was behind the camera. I had accepted that the stardom phase was over, and now I was in a new phase of life, making films. I made ‘Jism 2’ last and launched Sunny Leone,” Pooja reflected.

Through her inspiring journey, Pooja Bhatt demonstrated resilience and the ability to redefine her career path, leaving an indelible mark as both an actress and a successful filmmaker in the Indian film industry.