Pishachini 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra attempts to save Rocky

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Pishachini 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sanchit and Vidya telling how to wake up Rocky. Pavitra says she has last hope of waking up Rocky and injures her hand with glass. Rani is in the cave and sees snakes coming there. The snake becomes shape shifting snake and asks what is she doing here? He says this is snakes cave. Rani says she is going to be the Rani of the entire world. He says not yet. Pavitra puts her blood drops on Rocky’s face. Kanika asks what is she doing? Pavitra says she wants to enticed Vetaal in Rocky wake up smelling the blood. Rocky is about to gain consciousness. Kanika asks Pavitra to be careful and ready. Rocky opens his yes. Pavitra is ready with the liquid in her hand. Rocky attacks Pavitra. Pavitra falls down. Sudhakar asks Kanika to make him drink 10 drops. Kanika says we can’t make him drink until he relaxes. Everyone comes out of the room to divert him. Sudhakar says we have to distract him until Kanika and Pavitra find way to make him drink the liquid. Rocky comes out in the hall. Sanchit makes the vase fall down on his foot, and then he can’t move. Rocky walks towards him. Pavitra asks him to stop. Rocky stops. Sapna tries to stop Rocky and falls down. He takes out his vetaal teeth to bite her. Pavitra pushes him. Sudhakar takes Sapna to side. Pavitra comes infront of Rocky and asks him to remember that she is his Piku, Ms. London. Kanika ties Rocky with the magical rope and asks her to make Rocky drink it. Pavitra says you will be fine, when I make you drink magical drops. Shikha thinks to steal the other bottle. Pavitra makes Rocky drink the drops and counts. Shikha steals the other bottle and thinks to kill Pavitra using it. Pavitra tells that she is making Rocky drink the last drop.

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Rocky breaks the magical rope and pushes Pavitra. The bottle falls down and breaks. Pavitra asks Kanika if Rocky will be fine. Kanika says he needs all 10 drops. Pavitra says she will bring the other bottle from room. Shikha comes out and hears them. shikha slips and the bottle falls on Sanchit’s foot. Pavitra comes to Kanika and tells that the other bottle couldn’ t be found. Rocky becomes normal and fine. He asks when did we come back home? Pavitra asks are you fine? Rocky realizes everything and asks if I turn as Agni vetaal. Kanika says yes, but now you seems to be fine. Pavitra asks if you are fine. Rocky says yes, I am fine Piku. They have a hug. Rani fights with the Snake and scolds him for insulting her. He apologizes and falls on her feet. He says I am ready to do anything for you and asks for her order. Sudhakar tells Rocky that he is happy that he is fine. Rocky says even I am happy, all danger is over. He looks at Sanchit and gets shocked. Blood comes out of Sanchit’s face and mouth and he dies a painful death infront of his family members. Sapna shouts Sanchit. Pavitra asks Kanika to make him fine. Kanika says agni taal drops fell on him, there is no solution for this. They all get shocked and cry. Shikha looks shocked.

Precap: Rani comes out of the cave. Pavitra takes blame on herself for sanchit’s death and faces Sapna’s anger.