Parineeti 9th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti changes her mind about confronting Pari


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Scene 1
Sanju asks Neeti if she tried to kill their baby? Pari says yes, she plotted the hospital kidnapping and other incidents too. Neeti says I wish I could have killed you and this baby then you wouldn’t be here provoking Sanju against me. Pami says she is your friend. Neeti shouts she ie my sautan and deserves to die, you people kept taking her side. Gurvindar says stop it, I was on your side but how could you stoop this low? Neeti says I know you all are on Pari’s side. Tayaji says you have crossed all lines. Chandrika says she loves you. Neeti says Pari burned my marriage, she should have died. Pami says you don’t deserve to be our daughter in law. Neeti shouts at them to shut up. Sanju says if you can’t even love your baby then you can’t be a human and in my life. He asks her to get lost. Neeti is Shocked and tries to plead with him but he drags her out of the house. He says we have no relationship now. Pari tries to stop him but he says no one will open the door for her… it all turns out to be Neeti’s dream. Pari says all family members here sp let’s clarify everything. Neeti says I just wanted to ask if you will dance with me in janmashtami. Pami says that’s all you wanted to ask for? Why did Bebe create such tension. Neeti says I just wanted your attention. Bubbly arrives there. Pari tells Neeti that she won’t expose her to Sanju as she just wants him to love her. She goes from there. Bebe whispers to Neeti that she is a fool to not expose Pari. She leaves.

Sanju comes to Neeti and asks what was going on outside? I know the matter is not the dance, I am not a fool. I know you and Pari. Neeti says Pari must have told you because you talk to her a lot these days. Sanju says there is some problem between both but she is your friend so talk to her. Neeti says stay out of our friendship and leave me alone.

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Pari talks with Bubbly, she asks if everything is okay? Pari says yes, I am happy to see you here. Bubbly tells her that something is wrong so tell her. Pari says Neeti knows everything about my marriage with Rajiv and she is very angry which is understandable but I will rectify my mistake.

At the night time, Pari goes to kitchen and Sanju is there. She says why aren’t you resting? He says I came to get some water. Pari says I didn’t tell you something. He says its okay, I am with you and you can’t do anything wrong. Pari sadly looks at him and says please support like this too. He smiles and says Neeti says the same for you. He says if something is bothering you then you can share it with me. You will also feel better so tell me please.

Neeti wakes up in the room and doesn’t Sanju there. She goes to get water.

Sanju asks Pari to tell him what’s bothering her. Pari recalls Neeti’s hatred and says I.. I dont want to hide anything but I don’t know how to tell. Sanju says don’t take stress if you don’t want to tell me, I know you can never do anything to hurt me. Thank you, you are so nice so thank you. Neeti hides and hears all that. She is angry, Bebe comes there and asks what happened? Neeti says they are all liars. Otherside Sanju tells Pari that he trusts her if she is hiding something. Pari says don’t trust me so much. Sanju says I hurt you, I lied so many times but you trusted me blindly, you have built this trust between us. Pari says if you trust me this much then I won’t be able to hide anything from you. Sanju says I know you have had some disagreements with Neeti but don’t worry things will get better. He consoles her and hugs her.

The episode ends.