Parineeti 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti begs Sanju to take her back


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Scene 1

Neeti says I won’t let Pari marry Sanju. Pami comes there and sees fire around her, she throws water at it and runs to her, she asks Neeti if she is okay? Neeti says I have already lost everything. Pami says maybe Sanju wasn’t yours and you might find a good person, Neeti sadly leaves. Pami prays for her.

Neeti bumps into Sanju andis about to fall down but he holds her. They both stare at each other. Pari sees that and is sad. Pari thinks he is marrying me maybe to show Neeti that he can move on, what if I am coming between them? she prays to Lord. Sanju stares at Neeti and leaves from there.

Sanju comes to the balcony and says why I am feeling attracted to Neeti? what I still have feelings for Neeti? His alter ego says you shouldn’t think about her, you don’t love her anymore. Sanju says I don’t care about her. His alter ego says she lost respect because she crossed her lines, she even left you and you shouldn’t have feelings for her. Neeti comes there and asks him why did he save her from falling? he says I would have done the same for anyone. Neeti says so there is nothing between us? Sanju says stop asking me that question, we have nothing left between us because of you. He shouts at her to leave him alone, get out of my house and my life. Neeti cries and says you really don’t care? he looks away and says I don’t care if you leave. Neeti cries and says I want to stop it all, please just take back everything. She hugs him and asks him to take her back, we can make everything fine. Sanju tries not to hug her.

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Bubbl tells Pari that you must be happy? Pari says I feel weird about marrying him. Bubbli says why? you love him. She says I don’t want him to marry me because of pity. Bubbli says he left Neeti because he loves you. Chandrika comes there and tells her to smile, you should be happy. Pari says I just want Sanju’s happiness. Chandrika says that’s good.

Neeti looks at Sanju but he pushes her away and says you should leave. Neeti says you don’t feel love between us? Sanju says no and  won’t feel it ever. Neeti shouts I hate you and runs away. Sanju says I have to keep her out of my life.

Neeti leaves the house. The maid calls Sanju and says Neeti ran out of home and was crying.

Bebe talks to Gurvindar and says I won’t take part in Pari’s marriage. Gurvindar says Neeti is way better than Pari, I know Sanju will bring her back, he loves her a lot. Bebe says if we don’t go to the wedding then would Pari make a scene? Gurvindar says I don’t care, I won’t go to the wedding.

Sanju is looking for Neeti on the road. Neeti bumps into a car but Sanju rushes to her. He brings her to the doctor, she tells Neeti to be careful. Sanju tells Neeti that he will drop her home. Neeti says you don’t care about me so leave me alone.

The episode ends.