Parineeti 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari exposes Neeti’s deeds in front of Sanju


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Scene 1
Neeti and Pari glare at each other. Neeti asks Pari what does she want? Pori says what you want, the truth to be exposed. All family members come there. Bebe says its time to show the truth. Chandrika says Sanju is not taking medicines and lying. Neeti says many people are lying. Pari says don’t twist the words, say it. Neeti says I didn’t know you would stoop this low, you are so shameless. Sanju asks what’s going on? Pami says what is this? Neeti says I am not saying anything wrong, is she your wife or me? I know Pari is also your wife. All are shocked to hear that. Neeti says you all thought I wouldn’t find out? I did and why did you all hide this from me? she asks Pami how could she do this with her? you didn’t think it was injustice with me? I am Sanju’s wife but still that position is given to Pari. She tells Chandrika that Sanju did a love marriage with me but you still wanted set up Pari with him. She tells Sanju that I thought you loved me but you cheated me and kept relationship with her. Pari says what about you? this family loves you so much, all they did was right for you. Pami says she is right, she moved away from you and Sanju. Neeti says but she never left the house. Sanju can’t have two wives. Sanju shouts enough.. if you know that Pari is my wife then you should have talked to me alone, you shouldn’t be creating a scene. Neeti says I am creating a scene? how can you be so cruel with me? you have no shame and remorse for lying to me? I am still wrong in your eyes? I knew the truth but still tried to trust you. Sanju says please try to understand. Neeti shouts I am your wife but you protect Pari like she is your everything.. its enough, today you have to decide who you want, Pari or Neeti? Pari shouts that he loves you only. Neeti says enough, I am talking with my husband and I don’t want anyone coming between us so stay in your limits. You think they all hid the truth to not hurt me? these people don’t care about my happiness. They all keep praising Pari. Bebe says this is all done by Pari, she blinded everyone. Neeti says she must have trapped everyone but what about my life? she kept saying she will leave but she never does. Pari says I always tried to leave and I won’t stay here anymore. Sanju says you are pregnant, its your house and you will stay here. Neeti says you are proving again.. Sanju shouts to shut up, she is pregnant with our baby. Neeti says I don’t care, she has to leave otherwise choose between me or Pari. Sanju looks on. Pami says what is going on? I am begging you all stop it, I am sorry for Sanju’s mistakes. Neeti says enough of this drama now. Pari says what’s wrong with you? they hid the truth to not hurt you, this is your house and I have no right here. Sanju says no this house is yours too. He tells Neeti that I married Pari but I love you only. Neeti says you keep lying and trying to act great. Gurvindar says I apologize on this behalf. Neeti says no.. you all have hurt me so you don’t have a right to apologize. Pari says I thought to remain silent but I can’t be, they lied to you but what did you do? you forced to get me married to Rakesh, all are shocked. Pari says you tried to harm me in the hospital and tried to abort the baby. Sanju says what? he asks Neeti if she tried to kill their baby?

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PRECAP – Sanju tells Neeti that she has no right to stay in the house anymore, he throws her out of the house and says we have no relationship now. Neeti begs with him to not do it.