Parineeti 8th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Pari comes to the pooja


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Scene 1
Chandrika says come with me downstairs. Pari is here. Neeti says don’t need to be scared of her. Let her do what she wants. We will win in the end. Neeti says she came here to show that she is alive while we.. Chandrika says what are you hiding? Neeti says you need us not we need you. It’s my favour that I  didn’t make you a servant here. Don’t dare to question me again. Chandrika says I am sorry. Pari is sitting near the mandap. Don’t get late, she can come between you and Sanju. Neeti says Sanju is mine and mine only. No one can take him from me. She goes downstairs.

Neeti comes to the pooja. Pandit Ji says don’t interrupt the pooja. This pooja releases their soul. Neeti says if this girl is dead who is she? Sanjju says don’t create drama in anniversary pooja. Neeti says the anniversary is of dead people not alive. Don’t fool yourself. She’s alive. She’s right here. You’re making fun of this pooja. Pami says please let this pooja happen. Monty says yes please don’t do this. Vikram and Babli beg her to do this pooja. Sanju says this pooja is Pari’s right. Neeti says she is alive then what right? Pari says shut up you stupid girl. Why would I listen to this rubbish? Pari might tolerate your tantrums, not me. Neeti says I know that you’re Pari. Swear in front of God. Pari says we are the same face but we are completely different people now. Pari used to trust everyone but not me. I only trust my mom. I am not a fool like Pari. She liked you but I hate you. Neeti says then swear that Ambika is your real mother. Pari gets emotional. Neeti says can’t say that right?? Because your real mom is Gurpreet/ Pari says do you even know ow what a mother is? Ambika is my mother. Neeti says who is Gurpreet. Pari says she is a mother. You should respect her. I heard Pari was your good friend but you are so full of hate. You’re not letting this mother have her daughter’s pooja. She gets so hurt when you try to portray me as Pari. You give her false hope. She says to Sanju do this pooja for your dead wife at least. Sanju says I am sorry. Pari says to keep her shut.

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Sanju resumes the pooja. Neeti says I have to do something bigger to prove she’s Pari. Neeti says to Parvati we don’t wear dark colours in this pooja. Let me give you another saree Pari gives her a white saree. She says go to the guest room. Sanju comes there. Neeti says thanks for returning my phone. Neeti teDaljit toljit get the camera fixed in the guestroom. Pari had a birthmark on the back. Sanju looks at Pari while she waits for Neeti. Pari asks Sanju to ask Neeti when will she come back with the guest room keys. Pari’s hand touches Sanju’s hand.

Episode ends

Precap: Rajiv thinks that he is performing Pari’s death anniversary when she is right in front of him.
Daljeet, with the video on, attacks Parvati from behind to check her birthmark.

Update Credit to Atiba