Parineeti 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bebe plans to use Neeti to destroy Gurvindar


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Scene 1
Neeti comes to Pari, Pari says I left because I thought you wanted to talk to Sanju but I want to talk to you. Neeti says you are not important to talk with. Pari says I just want your happiness, I have no right on your family or your husband, what’s yours will remain yours, I wanted to leave the house before also. Neeti says when? you keep doing this drama. You left the house and got stuck at a hotel but I saved because I thought you are my friend but you are my biggest enemy so stop this drama of leaving the house. Pari says I am not lying, I tried to leave before also. Neeti says you tried to leave at night so the family would worry about you, you could have left after informing everyone but you wanted attention, you like people praising you. Pari says its not like that, I love you a lot. Neeti says I don’t need that because I lost my baby because of you, I can’t become a mother because of you, enough of this drama, abort this baby and leave the house, I don’t want this baby. Pari says no.. you can curse me but don’t you dare say a word against the baby. Neeti says its not your baby. Pari says yes but still its a baby so don’t even think of killing it. Neeti says I don’t want this baby so abort it and leave. Pari says I won’t abort the baby. Neeti says I don’t want any relationship with you, I don’t want you to give birth to my baby. Pari says I won’t let anything happen with this baby, if you want to end our friendship then fine but when you are exposed then everyone will hate you. They both glare at each other, Pari leaves from there.

Pari is running to her room but bumps into Sanju, he asks if she is okay? she nods. Pari says relationships are going to change, my important relationship is going to break. Sanju says can you tell me what’s wrong? Pari says no and tries to leave but he holds her hand and says look at me. She says let me go. Sanju says you are miffed with me? Neeti is angry at me too, I deserve it but please tell me what’s wrong? you love me right so why are you behaving like this? Pari thinks I can’t tell him what he means to me. Sanju says I never wanted to make you cry, when I saw you for the first time, I knew we had no match, you are so nice and I never wanted to hurt you but I know I have hurted you a lot. I like taking care of you, is it wrong? I am sorry for what I did with you. Pari silently cries. Sanju leaves her hand and says won’t you look at me? she says no, if I look at you now then I won’t be able to do what I have to, she goes from there. Chandrika comes there and asks Sanju why is he crying? He says things are weird. Neeti is angry and Pari is stressed. Chandrika says I also felt Neeti was stressed. Pami comes there and asks Sanju to rest.

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Bebe is in her room and recalls how the family kept taking Pari’s side. She says Gurvindar destroyed my home but I will destroy her life.. she shamed my love and separated me from my husband but now she will be insulted in front of everyone. Gurvindar comes there so Bebe calls her, she says people reap what they sow. Its time for that. Gurvindar says what do you mean by that? Pami comes there. Bebe says everyone will pay for their deeds. Pami says seems like you are hinting at something. Bebe says you both will know the pain of when the house breaks, she leaves. Pami says she is upto something, she leaves. Gurvindar gets worried about Sanju, Neeti and Pari.

Bebe thinks this house is going to break, everyone will leave and everything will end. Pami comes there and says what are you upto? Bebe says I kept silent but now the storm will come and destroy this house, you won’t be able to do anything. Lets bring your husband so he can see the storm too.

Pari comes to her room and recalls her moments with the family, how she entered the house as a daughter in law. Then how Neeti blamed her for breaking her marriage. Neeti comes there and glares at her.

The episode ends.