Parineeti 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju and Neeti fight

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Scene 1
Rakesh forces Pari to dance with him. He says we should dance, it’s our event after all and you’re my wife to me. Pari says I dont’ want’ to dance. Neeti holds PAri’s hand and gives her hand in Rakesh’s hand. Sanju says how can you do that Neeti. Pari says I don’t wanna dance. I won’t dance with you. Rakesh says you can’t say no. He forces her dance. Sanju stops them. He stops Rakesh and says can’t you see she said no? She doesn’t wanna dance with you. Alavat says what is wrong with this man. Sanju says your son is out of his mind. Salojna says to Neeti he will do anything to protect Pari.

Pami takes sanju to a room and says are you out of your mind? Why did you stop it? Sanju says can’t you see what he was doing? Pami says they’re going to get married. Sanju says they’re not married yet. Pami says what’s going on in your mind? Do you’ve any feelings for Pari? Sanju says that’s not true. Pammi says Pari is pregnant. What will we do with that? Tell me a reason why we should stop this wedding? Sanju says you wanna know the reason? Neeti comes and says there’s no reason to stop it. Why were you overreacting? Sanju says do you not care? He was forcing Pari. Neeti says Pari is pregnant. Sanju says she’s your Pari. Don’t you trust her? What’s wrong with you. Neeti says enough Sanju I am not her mother. I cant keep fixing her life. Monty comes there. SAnju says how can you do that Pari? Monty says to Sanju and says try to understand. Sanju says I can’t let them do that to Pari. Monty says I know you were jealous when Rakesh was trying to dance with her. Do you have feelings for her? You can’t lie to your own self. SAnju says shut up. I don’t want anything wrong to happen to her. Monty leaves. Sanju thinks about PAri. He says do I really have feelings for Pari? No I love Neeti only. I wish Rakesh doesn’t ruin her life.

Scene 2
Pari cries in her room. Pari says I’ve to go away from Neeti and Rajiv’s life. I have to give Neeti this child. She says Rajiv an Neeti wanted this child and I will give them this happiness. Neeti will be the happiest when I give her this child. Pami comes there. She says Pari what condition are you in. She asks are you happy? Pari says are you happy? Pami says I onlhy want you to be happy in your life. She says if you had chosen anyone but Rakesh I would have been happier.

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Sanju comes to his room. Rakesh is there. He says I love seeing this frustration in your eyes. I can keep giving you pain like this. Why do you burn when I got near Pari? Sanju says dont’ you ever dare to force Pari. Rakesh says what’ve you done to ever make Pari happy? You married Neeti. Why are you so concerned about Pari? Sanju says shut up. Rakesh says Pari is going to be my wife. I can treat her however I want. I can make her life hell if I want. Sanju shoves him and says I will kill you. Rakesh says on our wedding night I can keep the door open. Sanju hits him. Neeti comes there and stops them. Sanju says I will kill him. How dare he. Neeti says are you out of your mind? He says yes. I will kill him. rakesh says is he crazy? Pari is my wife, I will be her husband. she’s pregnant with my child. Who’s he to stop me? Sanju hits him. Neeti shouts and says enough Sanju. Rakesh and Pari are going to be married. No one has right to speak between a husband and wife. He likes Pari and Pari loves him too. Got it? She leaves. Sanju stops Pari. Neeti says I don’t want to talk to you. And never shout like this again. Sanju says I’ve one request. Take care of Pari. Neeti says and you stop caring for Pari. You make me so uncomfortable. She leaves. Sanju wonders why does Neeti not care for Pari anymore? What does all of this mean?

Scene 3
Everyone comes downstairs. The engagement starts. Pami says Pari is fixing her makeup, she’s coming. Neeti says I will bring her. Neeti says Pari what od you want? Everyone is waiting for you. Why did you not think before. Pari says but.. Neeti says I don’t wanna listen to anything. Pari cries. Neeti says why are you crying now? Pari sobs. Neeti hugs her. neeti says in heart you changed this relationship to sautan. Hwo can I be your friend.

Episode ends

Precap-Gurinder says to Sanju forget that there was anything between you and Pari. Rakesh tries to force himself on Pari. Neeti hears her crying.