Parineeti 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju scolds Pari for not supporting him


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Scene 1
Sanju tells Pari that why do you want to marry Rakesh when he killed Neeti and I’s baby? will you support me to break this wedding? I am begging you for your happiness to help him break the marriage. Pari recalls how Bebe told her that she knew she is married to Sanju and if she doesn’t marry Rakesh then she would tell this to Neeti. Sanju asks Pari to say she won’t marry Rakesh. Pari says I will marry him. Sanju gets angry and says you have no brains, first you married me and when that didn’t work so you got ready to marry that Rakesh, if you want to destroy your life then do it, he leaves. Pari cries and says I want to fight but not at the cost of destroying Neeti’s life. My life is not important and if it gets destroyed while trying to protect Neeti’s happiness then its okay. I am sorry Sanju.

Neeti is getting ready and recalls how the priest said that Sanju and Pari are made for each other. Neeti thinks I haven’t changed but Sanju doesn’t even look at me anymore. Sanju comes there and says I did a mistake.. he recalls how he insulted Pari and says I did a big mistake. Neeti asks what? Sanju says I scolded a person who I shouldn’t have. Neeti says its okay, if that person is mature then they will understand. Sanju says you are right, she is very mature. He hugs her and Neeti thinks he must be talking about her. She hugs him and smiles. Sanju says thank you for supporting me. Neeti smiles. Sanju says you look very pretty, he goes to get ready. Neeti is happy and thinks once Pari gets married then everything will be okay.

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Rakesh arrives at Pari’s house with his family for mehndi. Monty tells Sanju that we should make things fund as we are not interested in this mehndi. Monty starts mimicking people’s thoughts. Sanju says Rakesh must be thinking that he is such a fool. They both laugh. Sanju says he doesn’t deserve Pari, Monty asks him to relax.

Neeti brings Pari to the mehndi. Neeti asks Sanju what mehndi she should apply? he says I don’t know. Rakesh chooses a design for Pari. Neeti asks Sanju to choose a design for her, he does. Gurvindar says we should dance first. Neeti says I will dance a lot as its my Pari’s wedding today.

Neeti dances in the ceremony while Pari and Sanju look on. She pulls Sanju on the stage and dances with him. Pari sadly looks at them. Sanju goes back to Pari while Neeti keeps dancing angrily. All clap for her. Rakesh says we should have a competition, he asks Sanju to show him what he can do. Rakesh and Sanju start dancing. All clap for them. Pari smiles at Sanju while Rakesh gets angry.

Rakesh talks with Ajay and asks him to do his work, he has to complete his work. He says I will do it in the hospital. Rakesh says just do my work and finish the task. He leaves. Someone hears them talking.

Precap: Bebe says to Rakesh, I want Pari to leave this house and want Neeti to rule this house as daughter in law. Pari hears this and gets upset. Bebe and Rakesh see Pari.
Neeti says to Sanju, I want Pari and Rakesh to get married because you keep spending all your time with Pari and that makes me insecure.