Parineeti 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti wants to confront Pari and Sanju


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Scene 1
Pami asks Bebe what she wants to tell her that she is blinded to? Bebe says sometimes its good to not know things. Pami says you are twisting words. Bebe says you handle the house so you should know what’s going on. Whenever I scold Pari, you jump in to protect her. When you find out the full truth then you won’t be able to blame me and Neeti. Gurvindar comes there and says I think there is something wrong between Neeti and Sanju. Pami says Bebe knows everything but she doesn’t want to tell us, I just want to protect the family but Bebe doesn’t understand that. Pari wakes up, Pami asks if she is okay? The doctor comes there and says she is okay now. She can leave now. He leaves. Pari asks where is Neeti? Chandrika says she looked worried so she might have gone home. Pami says how can she go home when Pari and Sanju are here? Pari says I should go behind her, she goes from there. Gurvindar goes behind her.

Pari comes out of her room and recalls her confrontation with Neeti. Monty comes there so Pari asks him to take her home.

Gurvindar stops Bebe and says I know you are hiding something. Bebe says what you want to talk about? Gurvindar says Neeti spends a lot of time with you so what is she thinking? Bebe says Neeti found the truth about Pari and Sanju. Gurvindar is shocked and says what? Bebe says she found out that Pari and Sanju are married.. she knew from before. Gurvindar asks how? Bebe says Sanju and Pari behaved like a couple and were seen so close together.. he didn’t even let Pari marry Rakesh, Neeti is not a fool and she can see how much Sanju cares for Pari. We can hide the truth but not for long. She says promise me to not tell Neeti that you got to know from me. Gurvindar says now I know what she was talking about. Bebe says Neeti is going to expose Pari in front of the family today.

In the morning, Neeti is walking aimlessly on the roads. She gets dizzy and falls down in a corner, she weeps recalling Sanju and Pari’s moments. It starts raining and she gets drenched.

Pari is in the car with Monty, he asks if she fought with Neeti? why does she look worried? Pari says its nothing. The car stops and Monty tries to start it again. Pari sees Neeti sitting on the curb of the road. She gets out of the car and says Neeti? Neeti sees her and runs away, Pari goes behind her. Monty says what is going on between them?

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Neeti comes home and Pari comes behind her. Neeti comes to her room and locks it. Pari knocks it and says I want to talk to you. Neeti says I don’t want to talk to you, leave me alone. Pari says stop crying and listen to me. Neeti says if you want me to stop crying then just leave me alone. Pari gets hurt and leaves from there.

Pami comes home with the family. Pami says Sanju got discharged. Gurvindar asks if Neeti came home? Sanju comes inside. Gurvindar asks where is the nurse? He says I sent her back, I am okay and the family is with me. Pari comes there so Pami asks if she is okay? she nods. Gurvindar asks how is Neeti? Pari looks away. Sanju asks if there is anything wrong? Neeti looked stressed. Tayaji says these kids keep hiding things. Gurvindar says where is Neeti? She comes there and says I am here, I was waiting for you all. She tells Pari that you were unconscious and Sanju was not okay but now that you both are here with the family then lets talk. All look on. Sanju gets dizzy and faints. Neeti and Pari rush to him, Pari asks if he is okay? Neeti and Pari take him to his room. Neeti glares at Pari. Pami says something seems wrong with Neeti and Pari. Chandrika thinks Neeti is jealous of Pari.

Pari and Neeti bring Sanju to his room, he lies on the bed and asks for water. Neeti asks if he is okay? He says I am okay but why are you both so stressed? what’s wrong? Pari says I should leave but Neeti stops her and says things seem incomplete without you these days. Pari leaves from there, Neeti tries to go behind her but Sanju stops her and asks what’s the matter? Neeti says I am angry at you. Sanju says what else? Neeti says you hid a secret from me. Sanju says I am really sorry.. I know I haven’t told you some things but I really love you.. I love you like anything, you are most important to me, my life is incomplete without you. Neeti says you are telling the truth? Sanju says you doubt my love? my words are true, I am sorry I couldn’t say it before. My whole life is you.. you are my Neeti. Neeti thinks I stayed silent listening to these words but I won’t be silent anymore.

The episode ends.