Parineeti 6th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari comes back home


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Scene 1
Pami says to Gurinder syas I like Neeti. I know she loves Neeti as well. But I wish Sanju and Pari were together. Their love is so pure. What Sanju did for Pari.. He risked his life. I know Pari would do the same for him. They’re made by God. Neeti hears all this. She gets angry. Sanju asks doctor is Pari is conscious. Sanju comes to Pari’s room. She cries recalling how he saved her. sanju caresses her face. Sanju holds Pari’s hand. He asks are you okay? Pari asks are you okay? Sanju says yes. Pari holds sanju’s hand. Neeti looks at them in anger. Sanju makes Pari drink water. Pari says thank you for doing all this for me. Sanju says thank you for all that you did for my family. Pari says they’re my family as well. Pami asks are you okay? Tao ji says Pari forgive us. We didn’t trust you. Neeti comes in as well. Pami says forgive me as well. I called our child someone else’s child as well. Pari says I knew you were always with me in heart. She says Toa ji you re my father. I am your daughter. You don’t need to apologize to me. Neeti hugs Pari. Neeti says are yyou okay? Let’s go home.

Scene 2
Pari comes home with everyone. Pami does Pari’s arti. Pami says she’s my daughter. I will do her arti. Sanju saved her. I will do their arti too. She asks Pari to stand between Neeti and Sanju. Pami says Pari is the reason who is tying your marriage. She is gonna give birth to your child so she can stand betwen you both. Pami does their arti. Pammi says everything will be good now. She asks them to enter the house. All three of them enter the house together. Pami says Neeti get something for Pari to eat. She asks Pari to rest.

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Pari thinks about Rakesh. She feels scared. Neeti comes with food. She says I got you food. I will be back in a bit. Pari says please sit with me. She says do you believe in other lives? Neeti says no. Pari says I must have done something good in last life because I got a friend like you. Neeti says I must have done something as well to find a friend like you. You must be so pious. You got lucky that you found a friend who can’t even get angry at you no matter what I do. Pari says you re mad at me because I agreed to marry Rakesh right? I was so scared. Neeti says okay eat your food. Pari says you saved my life. Neeti says you also saved my life. Neeti leaves.

Scene 3
Neeti comes to Sanju and says I am so happy that you’re home with us here. Sanju says I am also glad Pari didn’t marry Rakesh. She says i thought you’re happy because we’re spending time together after so long. Did you even think how I was saved from that fire. What if I got burned and died there. Sanju says you couldn’t. Pari was there, I didn’t have to worry about yyou. Pari would never let anything happen to you. He says thank you for bringing car on the last moment. Pari would have been in trouble. He leaves. Neeti gets angry that he doesn’t considder her feelings. Salojna comes to Neeti. She says Sanju only cares about Pari. He doesn’t care about me at all. Salojna says he’s in love with Pari. Neeti says he’s mine and he will always be mine. I’ve had enough of this friendship. Pari will have to go away.

Police comes outside. Neeti asks them what happened? They say call Sanju. Sanju comes. He asks what happened? They say we’re here to arrest you Sanju. Everyone is shocked. He says we are arresting you for Rakesh’s murder. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends