Parineeti 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti shows conflicting emotions for Pari


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Scene 1
Neeti tells that I shouldn’t have trusted you blindly, you broke my house under my nose only, you were leaving the house but I let you stay here, you made me marry Sanju but I don’t a bigger shameless girl than you. Many friends must have hurt their friends but no friend would have snatched her friend’s love and husband and you went ahead and took my baby too. Pari says what? Neeti shouts stop it, you listen to me today. You are not my Pari so I have to expose you.. you are filled with lies and cheating.. I have changed too, I have stooped so low because you snatched my husband and my baby.. I don’t want this baby anymore, I will kill it. Pari says what are you talking about? Neeti says I tried so many times.. do you remember that hospital basement.. it was my plan with Rakesh, I plotted all that to kill your baby but I was feeling bad because I am not stone hearted like you. You tried to break my marriage and wanted me to leave Sanju’s life that’s why I had to do it. I knew where you were kept by Rakesh but Sanju always put himself in danger because of you. He is fighting for life today because of you. Pari is shocked hearing all that. Neeti says I planned to throw that slab on you but Sanju came inbetween that, you are responsible for his condition. My biggest mistake was becoming your friend. Pari is hurt hearing all that. She recalls all their moments. Neeti says I wish I never called you a friend but I am going to rectify my mistake today.. our friendship ends today, we are just enemies now. She tries dragging her but Pari says you are my friend.. my life.. she gets dizzy and faints. Pami comes there and Neeti holds Pari.. she panics and asks Pari to open her eyes. She shouts for help. They bring a wheelchair and Neeti puts Pari down. They take her inside. Neeti calls for a doctor and takes her to the wardroom.

Bebe thinks I feel something is wrong.. I just hope all goes well. Chandrika asks why does she look stressed? Bebe says you insulted me, I never forget. Chandrika says what did I do? Bebe says you doubted me and questioned me for no reason. Once Sanju becomes fine then I will take care of you. The nurse rushes to the doctor and tells him something. Chandrika and Bebe notice that. They go to check.

The hitman and the nurse are in the taxi, Monty is on his bike and recogizes the man. He tries grabbing him but he runs away.

Neeti tells the doctor that Pari fainted. He checks her while Neeti is worried. Bebe and Chandrika come there too. Bebe thinks she got saved again and this Neeti is a fool.. she makes plans to kill her and then saves her at the end. The doctor checks Pari and says she seems critical, we have to do some tests before doing anything. Neeti gets scared and recalls how the hitman filled the room with the poisonous gas. She thinks it means it went in her body.. if they do the tests then they will find out. She goes behind the doctor.

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Monty is running behind the hitman.. he grabs him and asks why did you do that? He pushes him away and runs from there.

Neeti asks the doctor why he wants to do the tests? He says she is turning blue which means its serious. Bebe and Pami come there. Neeti confesses to the doctor that her body is filled the poisonous gas and someone gave her an injection too to kidnap her.. he says what? Neeti says yes, I found her in the locked room where the poisonous gas was filled. The doctor asks how does she know that? She says just go and treat her, he leaves. Pami asks Neeti how does he know all that? Neeti says you should ask Pari when she wakes up. The doctor calls Pami so she leaves. Gurvindar asks what’s going on? Neeti says its time for decision, you remember your promise? she says yes. Neeti says the decision will be in Sanju’s favor, she leaves.

Bebe rushes to Neeti and says you can’t be doing this.. you want to kill Pari one second and the next second you act like her best friend. I asked you to control your heart and you said you were firm this time so what is this now? you think I am crazy? I am standing with you because I care for you. That girl would have died till now but you had to tell everything to the doctor. You just don’t care about your love right? Neeti says you are right.. its true that you always helped me in killing Pari but the fate keeps saving Pari. Bebe says why did you do that? Neeti says we will all get answers today, there will be a storm coming today. Bebe says what is she talking about? Neeti says I told everything to Pari.. I told her that she is my Sautan, that I hate her baby and I planned to kill her and her baby. I want her dead. Bebe says you didn’t do the right thing. Neeti says she saw me with the hitman and maybe God wanted Pari to know the truth. Bebe says you should still fight for your love. Neeti says I promise you will see my baddest face which no one would expect. Sanju comes there and says I heard everything. They are shocked.

Monty is running behind the hitman but he hits him on the head and he faints.

Neeti tells Sanju that its good you heard everything as you care too much for Pari.

Precap: Neeti says to Chanda that now everyone will she what she does to Pati. Neeti in front of everyone asks Pari to abort the baby and leave the house.