Parineeti 3rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti confesses to hating Pari


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Scene 1
Pari comes to Neeti and says why did you do it? Neeti says what are you talking about? Pari says you tried to get me killed but why would you do that?

The inspector comes to the CCTV room but the cameras are not working. The inspector scolds him and tells Pami that we will find that man. He asks her to call Neeti. Bebe says she doesn’t know him, we should look for that man only, the inspector leaves. The doctor tells Pami that Sanju is stable now. The senior doctor comes there so Pami says that means he was not a doctor?

Pari tells Neeti that you call yourself my best friend but how could you try to kill me? I trusted you blindly, I always believed that my Neeti will save me, you said that you can die for me then why did you do all this? Neeti says you are going crazy.. why would I try to kill you? I love you so much. Pari says stop lying, I saw you with that man who locked me up in that room, I saw you giving him money too. I would never believe it but I saw it myself.. I can never believe that you tried to kill me. Neeti shouts yes.. I hired him to kill you because I hate you, I want to kill you.. why don’t you just die? I tried so many times but you always get saved.

Gurvindar comes to meet Sanju and he is awake, she cries and says I can’t see you in this condition. He smiles seeing her cry and says you look cute. Gurvindar says shut up. Sanju says I am sorry for worrying you. Sanju says you can scold me as much as you want.. it shows your love. Gurvindar says I always cry after scolding you, I can never hate you, you are my favorite child. Sanju says you are my lovely Maa. Gurvindar says can you promise me something? He says I promise but for what? Gurvindar says I will tell you when the time comes. Outside Chandrika asks where is Neeti? Bebe says she must be around, she must be crying in a corner. Pami says Pari is missing too. Chandrik says I will go and look for Neeti and Pari. Bebe says let them be. Pami says no.. I will go and look for Pari. Bebe thinks to call Neeti and let her know.

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Neeti shouts at Pari that you called me a killer so why are you shocked now? stop pretending that you care for me.. we should stop pretending and bring out the truth. We know each other from childhood so enough of fake care. I always thought my Pari would stand with me but you destroyed my happiness.. today my best friend is trying to destroy my life and you thought I stay silent? Pari says what are you saying? I want to destroy your life? how can you even think that? you could have talked to me. You could have fought with me but you created stories in your head. Our friendship was two-sided so you can’t break it yourself, you have no right to snatch my best friend. Neeti says you broke it by becoming my husband’s 2nd woman. Pari is shocked. Neeti says now you are silent after hearing the truth.. you became my Sautan. Pari says I am not. Neeti says then whose Mangalsutra and Sindoor are you wearing? She tries to wipe it but Pari stops her and says don’t you try that. Neeti shouts whose sindoor is that then? you have no answer.. I shouldn’t have trusted you blindly, you broke my house under my nose only, you were leaving the house but I let you stay here, you made me marry Sanju but I don’t a bigger shameless girl than you.

The episode ends.