Parineeti 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti wants to see Pari die in pain


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Scene 1
Pari wakes up in Rajiv’s room and she sees him sleeping, she says nothing will happen to you, don’t worry. The nurse comes back with the hitman and a stature, they pull Pari and put her on there, she is dizzy so can’t fight, they drag her from there.

The nurse and the hitman bring Pari to the xray room, the nurse tells the hitman to turn on the button, he does. She is about to give an injection to Pari but it falls down and breaks. The hitman says what will we do now? the nurse says we don’t need to tell Neeti, we will tell her that we did the work and take the money. She will die due to the poisonous gas, they both leave an unconscious Pari there.

Bebe and Neeti are together, Bebe prays and says I just want my Neeti’s happiness. She is like my daughter and I know Pari is the reason for her pain and that baby has taken Sanju away from Neeti. Once Pari and that baby die then I will give a lot of charity. Neeti asks her to stop praying weird things. Bebe says we have to believe in our efforts. The hitman and the nurse come there. The hitman says we did your work, we have locked her up in the xray room and she will die soon. The nurse says she can scream all she want but no one will hear her, nobody can even see inside the room through the window. The hitman says she will die due to the poisonous gas. Neeti says I want to see her die in pain, she has given me so much pain so I want to see her in pain of losing her baby first, take me there.

Pami comes to Sanju’s room and sees him okay. She finds blood on his hand and asks him to wake up. He does and asks what happened? Pami says I got Pari’s message that your life is in danger but you are okay. I will go and call Pari here. She is worried about the blood and goes to check on Pari.

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Pari is locked in the xray room, she wakes up but can’t move her body. She says I have to leave this place.

Pami comes to Monty and Chandrika.. she says Pari messaged me that Sanju’s life is in danger. Chandrika says she thinks Rakesh attacked Sanju. Pami says I saw blood in Sanju’s room and couldn’t find Pari there. Chandrika says what if she is in danger? Pami tries calling the police. Neeti, Bebe and others come there. Pami tells the inspector that I feel like Pari is in danger, please come here fast. Chandrika sees Neeti and asks if she saw Pari? Pami is surprised to see her there. Bebe says she was worried about Sanju so I brought her here. Pami says who was in her room then? Bebe says I left pillows there so you people wouldn’t worry.

Pari recalls how she had seen that nurse with Neeti.. I don’t know what’s going on. She screams and cries for help.

Pami comes to the receptionist and asks about Pari but she says I didn’t see her. Bebe takes Neeti aside and tells her to not worry, they can’t find Pari and even if they do then it doesn’t prove we did anything. Pami is shouting at the staff to find Pari.

The nurse and the hitman put more poisonous gas in Pari’s room so she dies soon. Pari is crying for help and recalls that nurse attacking her. She cries and says I don’t know why these people are attacking us. She cries for Rajiv.

Rajiv is sleeping and starts getting jittery. Otherside Pari says some people want to harm Rajiv and I.. I have to leave this place.. she tries to get up but faints.

The episode ends.