Parineeti 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakesh attacks and abducts Neeti


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Scene 1
Pari is in the basement and tries to find a way out. She hears car horns and finds a pothole there. She screams for Rajiv. Rajiv is on the road and hears Pari screaming. He looks around but can’t see her. Pari thinks she has to show him where she is.

Neeti is looking around the basement to search for Pari. She is shocked to see criminal activities going on, she makes a video of the nurse. The nurse tries to run away but Neeti grabs her and asks where is Pari? I will kill you if you don’t tell me. The nurse cries and says I don’t know. Rakesh comes there and attacks Neeti, he makes her unconscious and tells his friend Ajay that we have to tie her up. he goes from there.

Dai Maa tells her nurse that Pari went against me so I won’t spare her, Shilpa caught her so she will bring her to me. She calls Shilpa. Dai Maa comes to Chandrika and Bebe for abortion. She sees Bebe and thinks there is something fishy going on, she leaves from there. Bebe goes behind her. Pami goes behind her to get her phone. She doesn’t see Neeti tied to a bed and leaves from there. She tries to look for Bebe.

Dai Maa pulls Bebe aside and tells her that Pari has made my life hell, now you have brought another girl here? Bebe says just act like you don’t know, especially in front of Pami. Neeti is here too and she is Pari’s best friend. I don’t understand their relationship but Neeti won’t let anything happen to Pari so you have to abort her baby fast. Dai Maa says this girl has some special powers and she keeps getting saved from me. Bebe says just abort her baby before Sanju comes here. Pami comes there and asks what’s going on? Bebe says I was just asking about the abortion procedure, lets just go to her.

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Pari falls down near the pothole, a snake comes there and she is scared seeing that. Rakesh’s friend Ajay comes there and tries to catch her but she snatches a knife from him and says stay away from me. They try to drag her away but a snake stands in front of Pari and protects her. The snake doesn’t let them near her.

Pami comes to Chandrika and is worried. She asks what happened? you can share anything with me as we are a family. Pami says I know that, I just feel something weird is going on as I saw Bebe talking with Dai Maa. Chandrika says I also doubt Bebe, she was talking about Pari and then later denied it. Pami says I will go and check, she leaves.

Sanju is searching for Pari in the hospital and asks the staff but nobody has seen her. He calls Neeti but she is unconscious, the nurse cuts the call but then takes it. Sanju asks where is Neeti? The nurse says she forgot her phone in the ICU. He goes there and says if anything happens to Neeti then I won’t spare you.

Pami is looking around for Bebe and finds her. Bebe says this place is weird. I forgot my path. Pami says yes you really did. Bebe says what are you saying? Pami says Chandrika told me everything, we ignored your mistakes but if you try to harm Pari or my family then I won’t spare you. She leaves. Bebe says how dare she insult me for an outsider like Pari? I won’t spare her now.

Sanju comes out of the hospital and looks around. He finds the pothole and Pari is inside. He can’t see her but tries to open the pothole, he sees the inspectors and hides from them. Pari cries for him.

PRECAP – Neeti tells Rakesh that he can’t do Pari’s abortion. Rakesh says that will happen at any cost. Otherside Dai Maa catches Pari and is about to abort her baby.