Parineeti 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti tries exposing Vishal

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Scene 1
Neeti is outside Vishal’s wedding venue. A lady guard comes to her and asks her to get lost. Neeti says I want to go inside and you can’t stop me. The guard stops her and says I will slap you if you don’t stop. Neeti bites on her hand and runs inside the venue. She takes a stick and tells the guards to not stop her. Neeti thinks I won’t let Rajiv marry another woman. The guards grab her and lock her in the electric room. Neeti thinks I can’t let him marry and destroy Pari’s life. She finds an electricity switch there.

Biji is talking with Mandeep. Pari and Gurpreet come back from the market. Mandeep says we have to go now. Gurpreet greets everyone and starts leaving. She tells Pari to give good news to them soon. Biji says give us an heir soon. Gurvinder comes there and says she can’t give us an heir.. I mean its not her in hands alone. Gurpreet laughs. She leaves with Mandeep.

Neeti sees the guard keeping an eye on her. She turns off the electric switch and runs from there. She enters the wedding venue but a guard sees her, they run behind her but Neeti hides. There is no electricity so they can’t see her. Vishal is worried and says I should just get married and done with this, I got involved in this mess for no reason. The guard calls Vishal and says the girl ran inside the venue and we can’t find her. Vishal shouts to find her and throw her out of the wedding venue. He thinks if Neeti finds my bride then she might say something to her. He turns to see Neeti entering his room. She glares at him and says how dare you get married to another woman when you are already married to my sister? you are so shameless Rajiv. Vishal asks her to calm down. Neeti says I thought you would make things right with Pari but you are so cheap, you are destroying two lives. Vishal’s bride comes there and is shocked. She tells him that you are so cheap, you are trying to destroy innocent girls? you are already married? I would never get married to a man like you.. she leaves him.. it turns out to be his dream. The lights come back and he turns around to see his bride coming there. She asks who is Neeti? he says I met her in a party and she was crazy. He says I am so lucky to marry you. She says you look stressed. He says I am okay, she nods and leaves. Neeti is in the corridor and hiding from the guards. She tries calling Pari but she can’t pick up as her phone is not working. She brings her phone to the market and asks the seller to repair it. Neeti thinks Rajiv is betraying her, thank God I have a life partner like Sanju and not Rajiv but what about my Pari? She hides and sees Vishal telling his guards to keep an eye on Neeti. He goes in the mandap and praises his bride. Neeti is angry and thinks I will expose him today. Vishal sees her entering there and is shocked. Vishal’s friends arrive there before Neeti could expose him, Vishal runs from there. He locks himself in the room and says this Neeti wouldn’t spare me. I have to do something. Neeti looks around for Vishal.

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The episode ends.