Parineeti 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakesh claims Pari loves him


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Scene 1
Pari feels dizzy. Rakesh comes and says hi Pari. Pari says you? What ae you doing here? Pair tries to run. Rakesh comes after her. Pari says don’t come near me. She faints. Rakesh says wow, you’re here in front of me. He says what should I do? He takes a picture. Rakesh says you will be mine. The family comes back. Neeti comes back. SHe says who brought this cake bottle? salojna says this looks like alcohol. Simi says only Pari was here, who would bring it? Neeti says let’s check her room. They go to her room. rakesh is saying Pari you wore black dress that day. You looked so pretty. You made me crazy that day. I loved spending time with you. Don’t be scared of anyone, you can be with me together. No one is here with us today. Sanju knocks on the door.

Rakesh asks who is it? Sanju says it’s my house. Rakesh opens the door. Sanju hits Rakesh and says I won’t leave you today. Rakesh says why do you come between us. I love Pari. Sanju says how did you come here? Rakesh says Pari called me of course. Salojna asks who are you and what are you doing here? He says I am Pari’s lover. She called me and told me she’s home alone. Sanju says he’s lying. Rakesh says we have to see this day because of Pari. Salojna says this is what happens when you keep an outsider in the house.

Scene 2
Rakesh says let Pari come. We will clear everything. She loves me. Gurpreet syas shut up. Don’t say such disgusting things about Pari. Sanju says stay in your limit. Rakesh says she called me here. She loves me. SAnju says no one can love a disgusting person like you. Rakesh says Pari wants to be with me. She was mad at me at the hospital. But we made up here. He says Neeti you came here and ruined our moment. Pari knows I can’t live without herr so she loves me too now. Gurpreet says shut up. He’s lying. Neeti says she’s my best friend. She never lies. She has a clear heart. She would have told me. She can never do anything wrong like this. She says Rajiv don’t doubt Pari. She can never fool us. She can never lie to me and hide anything from me. Why are you all silent? Pari can neverr lie. She says Pari will answer yyou Rakesh. he says Pari and I patched up. We can’t live without each other.

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Pari comees there and slaps Rakesh. She says how dare you? I hate you. He says Pari my love don’t act now. They knnow the truth that we love each other now. They all saw what happened between us in the room. Parii says what? What happened? Neeti says he was on bed with you. Pari says that’s impossible. He says everyonw knows I love you. Pami says stop this drama. We all know who you are. Neeti lost her child because of you. Simi says he should be behind the jail. Chandrika says he’s psycho. He says I know you all love Pari. My Pari is lovable. Sanju says shut. Rakesh asks why are you jealous? Sanju says you can’t talk like that about any woman of our family. Okay I agree Neeti’s child died because of me. But Pari was a witness there. She could put me behind the bars but Pari told inspector it was just an accident not anyone’s fault. so they let me go. She did that because she loves me. Pari says shut up. Don’t lie. He says why are you acting? Rakesh says Pari called me in the house. Pari says I don’t even want to see your face. Rakesh says you opened the door and welcomed me. We had the champagne. Pari says don’t lie please. I am beggining you. She says Sanju do you trust me? He’s lying. Rakesh says don’t act anymore. I know you are scared but everyone will accept our love. Pari says stop lying.. He says I can show them all the proof. Sanju says what proof? He shows them photo he took from the bedroom. Everyone is shocked. He shows it to Sanju. Sanju is shocked. Pari says I don’t know how he took this photo. Rakesh says stop lying. Don’t be scared, I am with you. We can go away from here. Don’t be scared. We can for away where it would be just you, me and our child. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says this child is Sanju and Neeti’s and I am the surrogate mother. Rakesh says stop it Pari. This child is ours. Neeti says Pari has to get DNA test done.