Parineeti 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Sukhwinder is deeply concerned about Neeti


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Sukhwinder asks Neeti what is she doing. Neeti says to her, she is getting married to Sanju and how can she forget this and I am doing my wedding rituals, Sanju is doing his rituals too and only me and his heart knows about it even his brains doesn’t know and he thinks he is marrying Pari but his Neeti is coming back to him. Sukhwinder says to her what nonsense is she talking. Neeti says to her we love eachother our hearts know and heart knows first and then everyone else and Sanju’s heart knows he is marrying me, he will deny Pari to marry and come say sorry and get married to me and I will go to my In laws house again.

Neeti calls people to perform Jaggo geet rasam. Sukhwinder says to neeti what nonsense is this. Neeti says to her, its my wedding I can’t miss on any ritual and starts singing and dancing.

Sukhwinder is deeply concerned about Neeti, who expresses her intent to leave for her in-laws’ home. Sukhwinder tries to dissuade her, but Neeti remains determined. Later, Sukhwinder confides in Bebe, expressing her worry about Neeti’s strange behavior. She shares that Neeti has been involved in traditional ceremonies at home and has now gone to the Bajwa’s house. Sukhwinder implores Bebe to support and protect Neeti, as she has doubts about trusting Pari. Bebe, too, voices her distrust of Pari and promises to safeguard Neeti.

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Pari refuses to dance, adhering strictly to the priest’s advice not to look at Sanju. Despite Sanju’s attempts to interact, Pari maintains distance, prompting Neeti to overhear Sanju’s sentiments about her. Pari declines to dance when asked by Babli, leading to an altercation. Neeti observes, feeling disregarded, as Pari dances. Bebe notices Neeti’s distress and follows her.

Parminder praises Pari and requests Bebe to give blessings (Shagun) to Pari. Gurinder encourages Bebe, mentioning Parminder’s good mood. Parminder emphasizes it’s not about her mood but a tradition. She insists Pari dance for the ritual, emphasizing the beginning of her new life with a constant smile. Neeti fumes, hearing this demand, and leaves in anger after the dance performance. Bebe notices Neeti’s departure and follows her.

Precap: Pari trapped in the fire. Neeti says to Bebe that Pari ruined my married life, I ruined her life.