Parineeti 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari agrees to go with Sanju to the party


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Scene 1
Neeti opens the door. It’s Sanju. Sanju says Neeti why are you crying? What happened? Neeti says nothing. Why did you come? He says Mr. Mehra has invited both of us to his wedding anniversary. Neeti says but I am not your wife anymore. Sanju says you know I’ve never been to any party without you. The party is couple-themed. I won’t force you. I will be okay with whatever you decide. Neeti says I can’t go. He says I thought we could spend some time together. He says okay fine. Neeti says okay I will go but for a short time. We will leave right away. He says really? Neeti says thank you so much.

Scene 2
The party preparations start. Mr.  Mehra’s daughter manages the party. He says let’s call PAri. She will help you arrange the party. Sanju came home. He’s pleased. He says Neeti agreed to go with me. Salojna says I convinced her. I told her if she didn’t go, Pari would. A woman gets insecure. She does everything to save her relationship.. Mrs. Mehra calls Pami and asks if Pari can help her. She says Pari.. she’s not well. Pari says it’s okay. I can do it. Pami tells her she’ll come.

Sanju thinks about going with Neeti. He is happy. Amit comes to Sanju and says you look so happy. He says I know her heart wants her to come back. Her heart will win. Things can be fixed. Sukwinder says to Neeti what do you want? You can’t decide what you want. Salojna comes and says how can you go Neeti. Sukwinder says Pari is already there. She’s living as his wife. Pari wants to share your right. Salojna says you can’t get it? Neeti says sanju will be embarrassed. I know what I have planned. Sanju will realize how big mistake he did. He will kick Pari out. Sukwinder says I don’t know what she wants.

Scene 3
Pari picks up Pami and Tao ji’s dress. She says it’d look so good on you. Pami says it won’t suit me. She says you will look so pretty. Neeti comes. Salojna says Sanju asked her to come so she came. Pami says thank you for coming. Neeti says I have decided the clothes for me and Sanju. we will look like a perfect couple. She says Pari I need you help. Pami says I don’t know what Neeti is doing. Neeti omes to the room and hugs Sanju in front of Pari. She says I hope Pari’s heart is burning. PAri is happy for them. Sanju hugs Neeti and gets happy.  Pari leaves. Neeti moves back. She says I got this for you. Sanju asks what happened? She says you asked me to come. He says you hugged me and then left me. She says how is it important? Sanju says can’t you answer normally? She says you made everything complicated. He says how can they become normal? She says you know the condition.

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Pari comes to Mehra house to help with the preparations. She says I will take care of everything. You guys go and get ready.

Scene 4
The party starts. Mrs. Mehra asks Priyank what are you wearing? She says Samarth isn’t coming to the party. So I didn’t wear the couple dress. Pami and her family come. Neeti comes with Sanju. Mr. and Mehra says you both look so good today. Priyanka says you both look so good. Mrs. Mehra says you guys are so lucky to have Pari. She helped us with everything. Salojna also comes there. Pari looks after the preparations. Sanju sees Pari and says what are you doing here? He says I came ot help Priyanka. She says they asked for it. Sanju says you had to rest. Ever think about yourself? Pari says I am okay. She says I am perfectly fine. Sanju says there’s something in your hair. He removes it. Neeti comes there and sees them together. She’s shocked. Neeti says you shouldn’t have been here Pari but now when you are. You will suffer.

Episode ends