Parineeti 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti says no to working with Bebe anymore

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Scene 1
Neeti thinks about Sanju apologizing to Pari. She cries. Bebe comes and says our efforts are ruined again. Pari always gets appreciated. Sanju was at fault. He gave her the responsibility. He sent her the prescription for the same reason. He loves her. Neeti says the opposite of what you say happens. I losing my respect in my own eyes. Why am I doing this? Standing against that friend I couldn’t see a tear in their eyes. Bebe says she’s your sautan. She took your everything. She will take everything. Neeti says stop it, please. I risked mummy ji’s life. She says the same people will kick you out. Neeti says I will decide what I have to do. You make me do the wrong things. I won’t do anything you say now. I will see what to do. She leaves in anger. Bebe says she is going against me like Gurinder and Pari, she will see what I can do. She doesn’t know how I take my revenge.

Neeti comes to Paari and says sorry. Pari asks what happened. She says I shouldn’t have gone mad. I never thought I would shout at you. Pari says you were concerned. I didn’t mind at all. You worry about Gurinder, you consider her like your mom. Neeti says you didn’t mind. Pari says you’re my sister. Why would I mind? You have always been there for me. Pari says I always want to see you happy. Neeti says you took my happiness from me. Pari says what do you mean? We are like sisters. Neeti says these relationships change with time. Neeti leaves. Pari asks her what happened? She says don’t you consider me a sister now? I pray for our friendship always. I want this to remain the same. I need you on the other side as well. We can always be together. Pari hugs her and says I trust you completely. You will always be there for me.

Scene 2
Neeti sees Sanju sleeping on the bed. She says he’s asleep in peace. He manages so much. Sanju says sorry I slept here while reading. I will sleep on the couch. She says you can sleep here. Just tonight. He says what is that? What’s the problem? Neeti says please sleep. Everything isn’t fine. She makes a pillow wall. Sanju says we can make everything normal. We can discuss and resolve everything. Neeti says please sleep.

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Scene 3
The next morning Tao ji says the food is so good. Pami says guess who made it? Tao ji says only Pari can make such tasty food. Pami says you forgot my food? My food was always good. Chandrika made allt his. Simi says how do you eat so much oil. Tao ji says we are Punjabi. Sanju’s boss calls. Amit says pick up he might fire you. Sanju says don’t say that. Sanju says yes sir I am coming. He says I got my promotion confirmation. I am so happy. Everyone hugs him. Monty says now treat. Pami says to give him sweets. Pari brings prasad. Neeti says let me get your favorite chocolate. He says no prasad is more important. He asks Pari to make him eat. Neeti looks at them. Sanju leaves. The prasad bowl breaks from Pari’s hand. Pari says this is a bad omen. Pami says it’s fine. Don’t work too much. God is with you.

The boss gives Sanju his promotion letter. He says are giving you a new project. We are proud of you. He gives Sanju chocolate. Mr. Mehra gets a call from Vikram Randha, his competitor. He says I am your dad. Leave the contract. It was mine. My company will do it. Mr. Mehra says don’t threaten me. Vikram says don’t shoot up your blood pressure before I shoot you up. He sends him an audio message. they have kidnapped his family.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju gets kidnapped by Vikram. They call his family and tell them.