Parineeti 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari’s abortion starts


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Scene 1
Dai maa says don’t be scared, everything will be fine. Pari says where am I? Where is Neeti. Dai says don’t stress, you will ruin my task with your stress. Your family would be here. Pari says why are my eyes not opening? She says if you open eyes my task won’t be done. Pari says what task? What did you bring me here for. She says you won’t have pain anymore. I will treat you permanently. Don’t get into this child. Have fun with your life. You will get rid of this pain. Pari says what do you mean? She leaves. Sanju asks receptionist where is Pari? Pami says we admitted her. She’s not in her room. The receptionist says let me check. She’s not shifted anywhere. Rakesh’s mom says she’s no in her room. You’ve to tell us where she is. Chandrika says please ask the doctors you know. Sanju shouts where is Pari? Rakesh starts shouting to increase the problem. Rakesh says she’s my wife. Sanju says let me talk. He says it’s my child and my Pari. Where is she? Sanju says calm down let us talk. The staff looks around for Pari. The senior doctor comes there. Rakesh starts breaking things. It creates a huge miss. The nurse calls police.

Dai maa says she’s trying to get up. We’ve to do her abortion quickly. we’ve to give her heavy done, that can be risky for her. But we’ve to do it. Pari hears it. She hides under the bed. The doctor says police will handle you now. Chandrika says you will be arrested. Our family member is missing. Sanju says please look for her. We will speak with police. He says we will check the footage. Pari tries to run from the basement. Dai maa looks for her. Rakesh calls Dai maa. She says it will take time. It’s abortion. Pari hears it, she wonders who’s callling her. Rakesh says I paid you. Police is coming here. She says police? He says yeah I created a drama and now they called the police. He says hurry up. Police will get the footage. She says the abortion hasn’t started. She got conscious and ran. We’re looking for her. Rakesh says get the abortion done. Dai maa looks for Pari. Rakesh gets angry. He asks Jai to go to basement and check.

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Scene 2
The nurses for foreceful abortions in the basement. Pari stops the nurse she says you are doing a sin. Dai maa gives herr an injection and she faints. The ward boy says it can be dangerous for her. The nurse talk around Neeti about Pari’s abortion. Shet gets up. The senior doctor asks Rakesh why did he break things in the room? Rakesh says Sanju asked me to. He only creates problems. Sanju says shut up. Sanju tells everyone about Neeti’s emergency. He says I saw her when I was with Mahesh. Rakesh wonders if he was meeting Mahesh to get the report. Sanju says she’s stable now. Sanju says I saw someone wearing the same bracelet aas Pari. A woman was taking her. It was Pari for sure. Where was that woman taking her? Rakesh strangles him and says were you sleeping? Because of you my wife is taken away. Police comes there. Pami tells them everything. Raksh says Sanju saw her with a woman but he didn’t do anything. The policce says I will arrest you both for fighting in a hospital. Gurinder says the were in stress. He says let us do proceedings as per the law.

Dai maa starts the abortion. Ward boy says this is dangerous. Two girls died before. She says I know how to handle such cases. Go from here, I will handle. She takes the equipment. Dai maa says no one can save you now.

Episode ends