Parineeti 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju & Neeti have a big argument


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Scene 1
Sanju comes to Pari and Neeti, he says you both were talking about me right? you both have some issue. Neeti says no, everything is fine. Sanju says don’t lie, I heard everything. Neeti says you heard us? what did you hear? Pari looks on and says we were having normal discussion. Sanju says I heard you both shouting and Pari was taking my name, why? Pari says I just said that you are careless with her. Sanju says I thought you both were fighting. Neeti says we aren’t, there is no point in fighting when there is no chance of a compromise. Pari leaves from there. Sanju sees Neeti stressed and asks what’s going on? you can tell me the truth. Neeti asks what truth? He says you know what I am talking about.

Pari comes to Pami, she says your mother is here so go and meet her. Pari hugs her. Pami leaves. Pari hugs Gurpreet and asks how is she? she asks what happened? Pari says I am just tired, she says lets prepare to leave. Pami comes there and asks Pari to take blessings from the priest, she goes. Pami asks Gurpreet to stay here instead of taking Pari. Gurpreet says you know I can’t do that. Gurvindar comes there and greets Gurpreet, she says I am so happy that you are taking Pari from here. Pari takes Gurpreet from there. Gurvindar thanks Lord and says today is a good day.

Neeti asks Sanju what is he talking about? Sanju says halwa is thrown on the floor, Pari made it with love for you. Neeti says only I am wrong in your eyes. He says I didn’t say that. Neeti says you keep taking Pari’s side and I know what’s in your heart, you are saying that I threw this halwa? Sanju says I was just asking. Neeti shouts that you were saying that Pari is very nice and I am rude. Sanju says we are husband and wife so can’t we talk normally? Neeti says there is nothing normal between us. Gurpreet and Pari are passing by there so Sanju stops arguing with her. Sanju touches her feet. Gurpreet greets Neeti and asks why is she crying? Neeti says I am just missing my mother, she cries and leaves from there. Gurpreet asks Sanju to go and take care of her, he nods and leaves. Pari thinks she loves Neeti a lot so I can’t tell her the truth about Neeti.

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Sanju is cleaning the halwa, Neeti comes there and says I can’t do this anymore, do you want to tell me something? He says there is nothing to tell. Neeti says why did you touch Gurpreet’s feet like she is your mother in law? tell me. You have no answer, she angrily leaves. Sanju says I will tell her the truth today.

Neeti comes to the lounge, Sanju goes behind her and calls her out. All look on. Sanju apologizes to Pari and says I should have talked to you first but I have to talk to Neeti today. He tells Neeti that I want to tell you something which I couldn’t before. You were asking me why I care for Pari so much right? He goes to Pari and holds her hand. All guests look on. Sanju brings Pari to Neeti and says she is my wife. All are shocked. Neeti gets dizzy so Pari rushes to her but she pushes her away, Sanju holds Pari. Neeti pushes her away and shouts how dare you.. she beats up Sanju and shouts you loved me so how could you cheat on me? you were the one running behind me. Why did you love me so much? then how could Pari take my place? you have insulted not only me but our love too. Sanju says I still love you, I was just worried about you. Neeti says what about me? nobody told me the truth, nobody cares about my feelings. Sanju says I really love you. Neeti says enough of lying, you can stay with Pari, I don’t want to live here. She will give you a baby too, she starts leaving but Gurvindar says you are our daughter in law. Neeti says then who is Pari? he called her his wife and she is pregnant with a baby. You all can stay with her as a happy family. I am going to leave but I pray that Lord doesn’t give a husband like Sanju to anyone and a best friend like Pari who became my Sautan. Pari shouts at her to stop it.

The episode ends.