Parineeti 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti comes back to Bajwa house

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Scene 1
Sukwinder says Neeti God isn’t happy with you because you’re thinking about taking someone’s life. Pari’s dad’s soul is saving her. Neeti says my dad is dead as well. Is he not helping me? Please stop all this. Salojna comes to Neeti. She says Sanju saved Pari. But you’ve to save me otherwise we will both go to jail. There are cameras in the kitchen. It’s all recorded. Sanju asked the watchman to put all the videos on the USB. Neeti says I should go there and see Pari. I will steal the USB. Salojna says come with me.

Pami gives Pari medicine. Gurinder says Pari you’re a curse on this house. Bad things always happen ever since you came here. You keep risking Sanju’s life. Pami says get your son’s kundli checked. How can you blame Pari? Pari says Tai ji let it be. Pami says I will take a stand for her. Chandrika says Neeti is here. Salojna says she was worried for you so she came to see you. Neeti says see Tai ji, she came for me. Pari runs out. Neeti hugs her. Neeti says don’t get so emotional. I came here to ask how you are. How is Sanju? Pari says she’s calming down. Neeti comes to Sanju. She sees him applying cream on his burns. Neeti takes it and applies it. Salojna asks when will she come out and take the footage.

Salojna asks the watchman for the USB. It falls. Pami holds it. She says Chandrika calls everyone. Neeti leaves. Sanju holds her hand. Sanju says did you come back? She says no. He asks why? She says you know why. She says my condition is my need. He says relations aren’t based on conditions. She says the wedding vows are conditions. Loyalty is the biggest condition. Sanju says so it trust. He says I know you still love. She says I do but with my conditions. I will say in front of the whole world how much I love you. Ssanju leaves her hand. Neeti says I never thought you’d leave me. Sanju says when I was in pain I could see pain in your eyes. Please come back, forever. Neeti recalls their moments together. Sanju says you know how much we love each other. Please come back to me. Neeti says there’s no relation without loyalty.

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Chandrika comes and says the watchman is here with a pen drive. Neeti is shocked. Pami is about to plug the USB. Salojna is worried. Salojna asks Pari which God do you pray to? She says why? Salojna says nothing. Pami gives the drive to Sanju. He plugs it. Neeti takes the remote. Sanju turns on the TV. It doesn’t play. The technician says let me check. He replaces it. Sanju plays the video. Everyoen is shocked. It shows Salojna walking towards the kitchen.

Episode ends