Parineeti 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti fights with Sanju over Pari


Parineeti 1st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Rakesh tells Sanju that he can take care of Pari. Neeti tells Sanju to give them space, she drags him from there. Rakesh grabs Pari’s hand and twists it, he says I don’t like when I see you with him. He threatens her to stay away from Sanju and says we are going to be married by tomorrow. It will be just us then, he leaves. Pari weeps.

Neeti is angry, Sanju asks why is she angry? Neeti says don’t you think you are crossing your limits by lifting Pari in your arms.. he says I am just emotionally supporting her. Neeti says you keep showing too much care for her, right in front of me. Sanju says I don’t want to fight and leaves from there. Neeti cries and says he doesn’t even care.

Rakesh’s mother tells him that we have to do haldi ceremony tomorrow as it was spoiled. She says we will do haldi in our house tomorrow, Pari will come here. She leaves. Rakesh says Pari will enter this house when she aborts Sanju’s baby.

Pari recalls her moments with Sanju.. she sadly cries. Otherside Neeti and Sanju are lying in bed but they both turn away from each other.

Rakesh is angry recalling Sanju with Pari. He gets drunk and says I won’t spare that baby. I will kill that baby as Pari is mine. He burns Sanju’s photo and laughs evilly.

Scene 2
Neeti wakes up and brings out clothes for Sanju. He says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have been rude with you. Its important day for Pari so don’t be angry. He hugs her and apologizes. He leaves. Neeti says he said sorry just so I won’t spoil Pari’s mood.

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Neeti comes to Pari so she hugs her, she says you put your life in danger for me so thank you. Neeti looks away and says what happened shouldn’t have happened. She thinks that anyone can see that Sanju has feelings for her.

Neeti gets Pari ready for haldi. Sanju comes there and asks how is her wound? she says I am okay now. Neeti is jealous seeing his care for her. Neeti says I have work and leaves. Sanju asks Pari if she really wants to marry Rakesh? Pari looks away and says yes, I want do this marriage. He tries holding her hand but Pari runs away from there. He goes behind her. Neeti sees that and is angry.

Pari sits for her haldi ceremony and sadly looks at Sanju.

The episode ends.