Parineeti 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti mad at Pari


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Scene 1
Pari breaks the knot and goes to Neeti. Pari comes to Neeti and asks are you okay? Neeti recalls thieir childhood memories. Pari says are you mad at me? Is there a problem? Neeti says you took so long to ask this. What can I say when my own betrayed me. Pari says who? Neeti says you. Pari says please explain to me. Neeti recalls Pari and Sanju together. Pari says please tell me. If something is in my fate. Neeti says my fate is cursed. People leave me when I need them the most. You too.. Pari says yyou can never have a bad faith. Neeti says I always thought that. I am lucky, I’ve a friend like you and husband like. But see what you two did. Pari says did what? Neeti says still acting like you don’t know? Am I an idiot. Pari says what do you mean? Neeti says I wish I spoke up earlier. Pari says what is it. Neeti says I am not an idiot, I understand everything. I mean.. you will leave me forever. Rakesh won’t let me meet you again. Pari hugs her and says I was so scared. Neeti says why? What have you done that you got scared?

Chandrika comes there and asks are we stopping the wedding? Neeti says not at all. She takes Pari back to the mandap. Pari sits in the mandap. Neeti ties the knot. Rakesh says what’s going on.

Scene 2
Rajiv says to jai you won’t understand my relationship with Pari. Jai says see her wedding them. He video calls Rakesh. Sanju screams Pari don’t marry him. Gurinder asks Neeti did something happen between you two. What is it? And where is Sanju? Neeti says you should have thought what is he doing. You’ve always been with him in right and wrong. Gurinder says what has happened? Is something wrong? Tell me what happened. You’re my best DIL. Gurinder says I dont’ like her at all. She makes me mad. You are my favorite DIL. Not Chandrika. Neeti says I wasn’t talking about Chandrika.

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Sanju says Rakesh don’t do this but he’s on mute. Salojna asks Neeti what happened between you and Pari? Neeti says nothing. Salojna says control your anger. Neeti says I can’t anymore. I don’t know when will Pari leave this house. Salojna says she will. Neeti says I wish Pari didn’t back stab me. Everything would have been so good.I won’t have to get married to Rakesh. Salojna says it’s not your fault. Neeti comes back to the mandap. Neeti says I wish you didn’t do this Pari. You tried to snatch my husband. Rakesh says Pari will be punished for making me suffer so much and Sanju will die today. Jai leaves Sanju alone in the swamp. Pandit ji asks Rakesh and Pari to take the rounds. Sanju sees the video. He screams. Pari don’t do this. I will kill you Rakkesh. Sanju gets oyt of the swamp. Jai tries to shove him back in. Sanju shoves him in the marsh and leaves. Jai screms for help. sanju runs towards the house.

Episode ends