Parineeti 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari tries to mend things with Neeti

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Scene 1
Pari tells Bubbly that I thought Neeti changed but I got ill and she rushed to me.. it means she still cares and about the baby. Bubbly says you should spend time with Neeti before you leave.

Sanju tells Monty that he was a fool to see them.. Monty asks who did he see? He says both. Monty says I am going to say something but please don’t be angry, I think you should spend time with Pari before she leaves. Sanju looks on.

Neeti comes to her room and is angry for caring about Pari. Bebe comes there and asks what happened? Neeti says I am a fool.. why do I keep caring for Pari? I can’t see her in pain. She was ill and I rushed to her, I couldn’t stop myself. That baby is mine so I went to her. Bebe says talk to the hitman.. tell him that the plan is canceled as you care about the baby. Neeti calls the hitman and says I want that baby gone, he says we will kill the baby tonight, Neeti says good. She ends the call and says my decision is finale, that baby has to die. Bebe says good.

Pari recalls Bubbly’s words that she should spend time with Neeti. Sanju comes there and looks at her, he smiles seeing her cook. Pari says what are you looking at? He says I smelled something good. Pari says I am making Neeti’s favorite halwa.. Sanju says what do you like? Pari says I like cooking for Neeti. Sanju says I became a fan of your cooking. Pari says I know that.. you even kissed my hands.. I am sorry. I just want to request that if you care about me then please take care of Neeti when I am gone. Sanju says can I come to meet you at your home? She says anytime. He nods and leaves.

Bebe tells Neeti that she is doing the mistake again, Neeti says I won’t do the same mistake again. Bebe knots her saree and says this will remind you that Pari took your happiness, your husband and even your baby.. she took everything from you and this knot will remind you this. You have to be strong and kill that baby. Neeti says yes, Bebe hugs her and leaves. Pari comes to Neeti and says I made your favorite halwa as I will be leaving soon. Neeti throws it away and glares at her.

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Scene 2
Monty is praying in the mandir, Bubbly comes to him and asks what is he doing? Monty says something is happening which never happened before so I am just praying to Lord to make everything fine. Bubbly prays for Sanju and Pari too. Sanju and Pami come there. Pami tells Sanju that relationships aren’t made from mind but from heart.. I know you will find the truth soon, she asks him to go and call Pari.

Neeti tells Pari to stop her drama, you want to prove that everything is okay between us? Pari says I just made it because you like it. Neeti says I know you want to act like a saint but you are not.

Gurpreet arrives at Pari’s house, Bubbly rushes to her. Pami is sad seeing her, Gurpreet greets her and Pami says I am miffed with you, you are going to take Pari with you so I don’t like seeing you here. Gurpreet says you know I have to. Pami says yeah, its okay. She asks Bubbly to go and call Pari. Gurpreet prays for Pari.

Pari tells Neeti that I know you are angry with me but I know you still care for me. Neeti says enough.. you keep saying sweet words but you destroyed my marriage with Sanju. You always hide things from me.. I kept saving you but you destroyed my own house. Pari says no.. I want you and Sanju together only. Neeti says enough. Sanju comes there and says so this is going on between you both. Pari and Neeti are shocked seeing him there.

The episode ends.