Parineeti 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari to get an abortion


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Scene 1
Rakesh’s mom comes and says Rakesh wants to get her checked by a senior doctor. Rakesh says we can’t rely on a junior doctor. They all go out. Rakesh says Pari don’t worry no one can come between us, not even this. I mean this pain. You should rest. Sanju waits for his friend. He recalls seeing the DNA report. He calls Mahesh. Mahesh says I am busy in a surgery. Sanju says it’s okay I will wait. Rakesh tells his friend, Pari is alone. Get the opeation done. SAlojna comes to the store room. She says this room looks so weird. Dai maa doesn’t pick up the call. Rakesh calls her. Rakesh says what will we do now? Salojna comes there. She says dai maa? Doctor won’t do her abortion? It’s not easy. Rakesh says she will do it. Don’t worry. The doctor isn’t helping us. Neeti says dai maa won’t do her abortion. I can’t risk her life. Salojna says yes it can be dangerous. Rakesh says I don’t need to listen to them. salojna brings Neeti to the other room. She says Rakesh is preparing all this. I was confused. Neeti says I didn’t know Rakesh had planned an abortion here. Salojna says come with me, let’s get Pari out of here. They come to a room. Salojna locks Neeti in the room. Neeti screams Bebe open the door. Let me out. Don’t do it. Salojna says yes I will get her child aborted. You always ruin my plans. You will lose your husband. She leaves. Neeti says what are you getting by doing all this? Why do you hate Pari?

Sanju waits for Mahesh. He says I’ve never felt this way. I hope everything gets okay in Pari’s life. Something wrong is gonna happen to her. I’ve to protect her from Rakesh. I should have stayed with Pari. Sanju opens Mahehs’s laptop. Neeti screams and asks salojna to let her go. Neeti says why are you doing all this? What’s your problem with Pari. You’re even momre desparate than me. You don’t even have a heart. She says I consider you my daughter and I can’t let anyone harm you. It’s about your life but you get distracted. Neeti says but it’s about her life. Salojna says you will know when Sanju leaves you. You’ve seen the close so many times. Neeti says I can’t kill her for that. Salojna says stay here. Neeti says don’t do that. She screams and cries.

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Salojna tells Rakesh she locked Neeti. Rakesh says what does she want. salojna says now hurry up, get this abortion done. He says my grandmom is no more. She was very nice. She was your age. She’d never let me go away from her and get me candies. One day she made me very angry, so I played hide and seek with her. I played with her on the roof and shoved her. Rakesh laughs and says Jai is like my brother. Jai told everyone dadi fell. I am saying all this to you to not mess with me. Pari slapped me and broke my heart. I will make her life hell. Dont’ talk to me like this again. The wardboy gets the reports ready. Salojna says you can’t go to that side of the hospital. Don’t go there. I can’t tell the truth. Salojna says is it aboout ghosts? She says I locked Neeti there. She says in basement? Rakesh says on top of it. She says thank God you didn’t go to the basement. Rakesh asks what about basement? She says this hospital is just to show. Reality of this hospital is in basement. Poor people are treated in the basement. There poor people are treated by wardboys who know as much as doctors. I treat women there. We also sell organs. She says we’ve to take Pari to the basement. Rakesh says she is very smart. Dai maa says she can’t get out of that basement.

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti jumps out of the window. Dai maa gives Pari an injection. Dai maa says to wardboy we’ve to get abortion done in 10 minutes.