Parineeti 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti can’t see Pari ill


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Scene 1
Neeti tells Bebe to call the hitman as she wants to kill Pari’s baby, you were right. If Pari gives birth to this baby then Sanju’s bond with her will be very strong so I have to kill it.

Amit is running behind Chandrika but Gurvindar scolds him and asks him to get parsad from the car. He goes from there and tells Chandrika. She goes with him.

Bebe meets with the hitman outside the house and asks him to enter the house in a disguise and do their work.. just be careful that the baby dies in Pari’s womb only. He says I might need some people to help me. Bebe says I don’t care but I want my work today only. She turns to leave but sees Amit and Chandrika coming there. They both hide in the car.

Tayaji comes to Pari and asks if she is okay? She says this family loves me so I am always okay. He asks if she loves them too? Pari says yes, you are my family. Tayaji says then why are you leaving us? you are happiness of this family and I am requesting you stay back for us, you are a blessing for us. Pari says don’t shower this much love. Tayaji says you deserve it and I am requesting you to stay back, if you want then you can call your mother but please don’t leave. He goes from there. Gurvindar comes to her and hugs her, she says you are a really good daughter in law and I know you will follow all the rituals. Please give birth to this baby at your mother’s house and don’t you dare ever come back, she glares at her and leaves.

The hitman is hiding in the car, Amit is about to open it but Bebe sends him to another car. The hitman comes out and tells Bebe the plan.

Scene 2
Pari comes to her room and is feeling nauseous, she is getting dizzy. Neeti sees that and gets worried but thinks to leave her alone. She goes from there. Pari tries to get up but is about to fall down.. Neeti rushes to her and holds her. Pari is surprised. Neeti glares at her and says what’s your problem? if you are not well then why didn’t you call anyone for help? Pari says if you take care of me like this then I want to be ill everyday. Neeti says stop all this. Pari says you really think.. Neeti gives her lemon and says it will help you. Pari hugs her and cries. Neeti hugs her back and cries. Pari says thank you.. Neeti pulls back and says this baby is mine too so I have to help you. Pari says I can bear anything but not you being miffed with me, I can’t see you this changed. Neeti says what’s changed? Pari recalls how Neeti plotted everything against Pari in the ceremony. Pari says its okay. Neeti asks her to take lemon and don’t think I care about you, I just care about my baby, she leaves from there.

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Monty bumps into Sanju and he shouts at him.. Sanju apologizes to him and says I am having a bad time. Monty says the problem is that you have fallen in love with Pari and you can’t accept it. Sanju asks him to shut up. Monty asks him to close his eyes and see who he sees. Sanju closes his eyes and imagines he is looking at Neeti but its Pari actually.. she runs away from him and he looks around for her. He opens his eyes and panics.. he goes from there.

Pari comes back to the function and is happy that Neeti showed care to her. Sanju bumps into her, they both stare at each other and he recalls his moments with her. He says you shouldn’t have been there. Pari asks him to calm down and asks where? he sadly looks at her and runs from there. Monty sees all that. Pari goes to Bubbly and hugs her.

Sanju comes to his room and panics. Monty comes to him and asks if he realizes who he really loves now?

The episode ends.