Parineeti 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti tells Bebe to kill Pari


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Scene 1

Neeti tells Sanju that she wants to finish this matter, she says you promised to leave everything for me, I thought your promises were valid but I was a fool. Sanju says you are still most important to me but I can’t be selfish. Neeti says you were selfish before, you married me by being selfish, you were ready to leave everything for me that’s why I loved you so why not now? Sanju says I destroyed Pari’s life for my happiness but she never complained, what I did was wrong. Neeti says you never loved me. Sanju says I love you. Neeti says if you don’t accept my conditions then you are going to divorce me right? I still want your happiness so I will accept what you want. She tells Tayaji that she wants a divorce from Sanju. All are shocked hearing that. Sanju says you will get it then. Neeti leaves from there. Sukwindar and Pari follow her.

Pari tries to stop Neeti but she tells her to stay away. Pari says I just want your happiness, if you want to destroy your marriage then I can’t do anything. Neeti says this is your real face, you don’t open your tongue in front of others but look at her arguing with me. Pari says I don’t want people to think you are an idiot and egoistic. Neeti raises hand on her but stops herself. Pari says I don’t want people to think you want to kill your baby. You think you are smart but people are fooling you, they are provoking you. If you divorce Sanju then it will be your mistake. Neeti says no and leaves.

Bebe tells Pari that this is all happening because of you. You stood against me because of Neeti but now I have become her friend and you are the reason for her divorce. Pari says that won’t happen, I will make everything fine for Neeti. I can do anything for Neeti. She is innocent and doesn’t know who her real friend is, I am going to be with her anyway. She leaves.

Scene 2

Pami comes to Chandrika and says Pari listens to you so can you talk to her? Pari loves Neeti a lot  and she must be feeling alone because of Neeti hating her. I want you to take care of her and make her happy. Chandrika hugs her and says you are the best mother and mother in law. Pami says I am a woman and I can understand woman’s pain. Chandrika says I love you. She leaves.

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Pari is sitting alone and recalls Neeti’s words. Chandrika comes there and asks if she is okay? she says lets cook something special. Pari says I will cook for the family. Chandrika thinks she might get busy in cooking. Bebe hears that and gets an idea.

Neeti is sitting Sukwindar’s room, she ignores her. Neeti says why are you angry at me? I did what you wanted me to do. Sukwindar says do you really think you were right? you are alone today, why? Neeti says because of Pari. Sukwindar says we don’t know what will happen with Sanju. Bebe comes there and says he wants Pari and he is happy that he is going to be free from Neeti. She says I had to come here as people in that house are plotting against her.

Tayaji comes to Sanju and asks if he is okay? He nods. Tayaji says trust Lord to make everything fine. I know you are in pain.

Neeti asks Bebe what’s going on there? Bebe says Pari is trying to win over the family. She knows that she can win their hearts by making food. Neeti shouts that she is two-faced, I won’t spare her. Bebe says we can do what we couldn’t do before.

Tayaji tells Sanju to talk to Neeti and don’t let anyone else come between them. Sanju says Neeti thinks wrong about me. Tayaji asks if he wants to divorce Neeti? He says no. Tayaji says then keep trying to bring her back home. Sanju says I kept trying but she keeps doing mistakes and blaming me. Tayaji says don’t lose hope till you win, you both love each other so keep trying to win her back. Sanju thanks him.

Neeti tells Bebe that Pari has to die this time. Bebe says she will die and no one can save her. Neeti hugs her and tells her to kill Pari at any cost. Bebe says don’t worry, I will do that.

Bebe sprays air freshener in the kitchen and cuts the gas pipe so it starts leaking but no one can smell it.

The episode ends.