Parineeti 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari says she wont’ marry until Rajiv comes back

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Scene 1
Rakesh’s goons tie Sanju. Sanju says let me go. Rakesh and Jai drag Neeti. Rakesh says don’t waste our time. You wanted me to marry Pari in first place. Neeti says if anything happens to you I won’t leavve you. He says sanju’s life depends on your behavior. Now sit here, they rope her. Neeti prays for Sanju. She says Jai please let me go. Neeti cries. Salojna looks around. She sees Monty is distracted. She asks Monty did you find her? He says no I looked everywhere. She says look on the terrace. Rakesh comes there. He says Neeti bit me. Salojna says she’s out of her mind. Rakesh says she’s crazy. Rakesh says she was threatening me that she’d tell everyone. She wasn’t listening. Salojna asks where is Sanju? He says he’s fine. Are you also like Neeti? She says I want this wedding done at all costs. Rakesh’s mom asks him to go. Salojna asks where is it? He says you find it yourself, hinting at Neeti.

Pari thinks about Rakesh and Sanju. He said he will handle everything. Pari says I wish I could tell you I don’t want to marry Rakesh. But this is better for everyone that I get married to Rakesh and leave this house. Chandrika asks her what happened? Pari says I will have to leave you all. I love you all. Chandrika says you love Rajiv as well. I know. You went to look out for him. Pari says he married his love. I can’t hate him. I want Neeti and Sanju to be happy. Chandrika says everything will be fixed. She says everyone is calling you outside.

Scene 2
Neeti says Jai open the rope. He says I won’t be unloyal to Rakesh. He’s my friend. Neeti says you’re his slave. He says I do this for Rakesh because he’s my friend. neeti says he is just using you. He says what about you? You arranged this wedding to get rid of Pari and even planned on killing your own child. I know the truth. Chandrika brings Pari to the mandap. Pandit ji says time has passed. This isn’t a good time. Rakesh says stop this drama. GEt the wedding done. He drags Pari to the mandap. Pami stops him. Pami says let pandit ji do the pooja first. He says we’ve had enough drama. Chandrika says why are you so hasty? Gurinder says let this wedding happen. Pari asks where is Sanju? He went to get the chunri. Rakesh asks what’s this new drama. Pami says yes why sin’t he back. Gurinder calls him but he doesn’t pick. Pari says I won’t sit in the mandap until he’s here. Rakesh says come with me I need to talk to you.

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Neeti screams. jai says no one would listen to you. Sit silenty here. Neeti cries. He says Rakesh will marry at all costs. Neeti breaks the rope when Jai goes out. Jai comes back. Neeti dodges him.. Jai brings her back. Neeti says please let me go Jai. He says stop this drama. She says please let me go.

Rakesh says to Pari what is this drama? He will come back, he’s not a child. This wedding is important for both of us. Don’t even dare to think about him now. Pari sayys where is Rajiv? He says I don’t know. Pari says don’t do this drama. I respect Rajiv a lot. If you do anything to him I won’t tolerate. And you can’t talk to me like this. You can’t contorl my thoughts. You can’t take Rajiv out of my mind. Rajiv says you guys can’t stop me. He tries to fight the goons. The goons decide to look him the cage. He says all rods are wired. If you touch them you will get current. They leave. Rajiv wonders how can he go out.

Episode ends