Parineeti 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari announces that she will go back to her house


Parineeti 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pari comes to her and cries silently. Bubbly comes there and says why are you doing all this? Pari says I love Neeti a lot but I don’t know what’s wrong with her.. she has changed a lot.. She would never put anyone down but now she plotted all that just to put me down. She could have asked me and I would have given anything to her.. everything is finished between us from her side.

Sanju tells Neeti that she shouldn’t have insulted Pari in front of everyone, she is her best friend. Neeti says I did it for my family. Sanju says you are lying. Neeti says you are fighting with your wife because of Pari? is something going on between you both? Sanju says I can just say that you are thinking wrong.. I just care for her. Neeti says I know who is lying. She leaves. Bebe comes there and tells Sanju to stop taking Pari’s side in front of Neeti otherwise he will strain his relationship with Neeti.. be nice with her.

Pari tells Bubbly that I will leave the house if Neeti wants that. Bubbly says the family wouldn’t let you leave. Pari says they will. Pari calls Gurpreet and says can you do one work for me? she tells her. She says sure.

Scene 2
In the morning, Gurvindar is taunting Pari. Pari comes there, Sanju asks if she is okay? Neeti asks Pari why does she have a stressed face? She goes and hugs her. Neeti says she must be upset that I scolded her yesterday but everything is okay now. She makes her sit down. Gurvindar gets Gurpreet’s call and takes it. Gurpreet says I wanted to bring Pari here.. Gurvindar says sure.. she says Pami and Neeti should hear this too. She puts it on speaker. Gurpreet says Pari is pregnant and our ritual is that the first baby is born in her mother’s house. Pami says let us think about it, she ends the call. Pami asks Pari what she wants? Pari says I will do what Maa wants. Neeti looks on and thinks if she is really leaving or lying again?

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Pari gets Gurpreet’s call and thanks her. Gurpreet asks why did you tell me to lie? Pari says I just wanted to meet you. Gurpreet says don’t lie to me.. I know you don’t want to leave Neeti so what happened? Pari says I will tell you everything when I come to you. Gurpreet says I know you must be stressed if you called me, come here soon. Pari ends the call. Neeti comes there and says its good that you are leaving but remember you will never come back to this house. Pari nods. Neeti is hurt and sadly leaves from there.

Pami comes to Chandrika and says I feel something is wrong. Chandrika says I don’t know why Pari’s mother wants her back, you should talk to her. Pami nods and leaves. Gurvindar comes there and taunts Chandrika that we have rituals unlike you. Chandrika says you just look for chances to taunt me. She leaves. Gurvindar says I will take care of her once Pari leaves.

Pari is crying alone, Sanju comes there and drags her to a room. He says please don’t go.. Pari sadly looks at him and sadly leaves.

Pami comes to Pari and says you think we can’t take care of you? am I not your mother? Pari says don’t say that.. I have two mothers. Pami cries and says I am sorry I couldn’t get your rights. Pari says this is not my house, this house belongs to Neeti and thank you for loving me so much. Pami says then don’t leave, we will take care of you. Pari says don’t worry, I will take care of this baby. Pami says I am worried about you.. I love you like my daughter so promise to stay here. Pari says I am sorry but I have to go.

The episode ends.